Hit Maker Akon Caught on Tape Throwing Female Fans at Show, the Video

September 05, 2008 09:16:27 GMT

The R'n'B star was caught on tape throwing two female fans into the crowd during a concert last month as they were trying to get close with him.

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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

It's a second "fan-throwing" scandal for Akon when he was caught on tape throwing two female concertgoers at a show. The incident happened during a packed show in Guyana, South America on Saturday, August 30.

The R'n'B artist was videotaped performing on stage in a black t-shirt and dark-colored jeans. Enthusiastically asking concertgoers to follow in his move, he even danced with one of his male fans onstage.

In between his performances, Akon took his shirt off and tried to "crowdsurf to a camera stand about 100 yards off stage". He finally got there, dancing with two young female fans and two male fans. It was during that time that he grabbed one of the female fans and pushed her into the crowd as she tried to hold his hand. He then grabbed the other lady who tried to embrace him from behind and tossed her into the crowd.

Getting physically aggressive with concertgoer, indeed, isn't something new for Akon. He has on Wednesday, Sept 3 made an appearance for a brief hearing at Fishkill Town Court to ask a judge to grant his request for a jury trial in relation with his earlier fan-tossing case. He's slated to be back in court on December 1.

Below is the video of Akon's second "fan-tossing" incident.


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posted by jazzreef on Dec 10, 2008
as a senegalese man he knows more than you how to treat a woman cause we treat women like queens so stop missing out boy i m senegalese and im proud of him you haters keep staying on the line akon gone ride on ya
posted by LongCry on Sep 05, 2008
Looks to me like he's loosing hes balance! and when he turnes around, trips over the "blue" lady!
posted by N\'Daye on Sep 05, 2008
Yeah...umm: "The R'n'B artist was videotaped performing on stage in a black t-shirt and dark-colored skirt." He's DEFINITELY wearing jeans. He did strike those two girls, though. As a Senegalese "man" he should know how to treat women better... Whatever...he's kinda wack now, anyway.
posted by me on Sep 05, 2008
I think he's trying to avoid any more scandals,especially since those girls look kindda young.
posted by was happenin on Sep 05, 2008
men i would have done the same coz they keep holding him from the back..but for the record it was only one female...dang!!!
posted by deedeeffrz on Sep 05, 2008
i can't believe that akon would do something like that! that's so mean. I can tell how he must feel though. Being on stage can make people tired and agitated, and make them say or do things that they don't want to. Still, that's no excuse.
posted by str8grindent on Sep 05, 2008
he never look back to see if it was a male or female..stop making sum outta nun
posted by thowedoff1994 on Sep 05, 2008
akon is innocentlook at myspace under thowedoff or str8grindent

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