Tenacious D Start New Album's Work

July 09, 2008 06:38:37 GMT

The comedy rock duo revealed to the press that they have already started to write songs for the follow up to "The Pick of Destiny".

Tenacious D Start New Album's Work
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Two years after dropping their latest album "The Pick of Destiny" in 2006, rock comedy band Tenacious D look set to release a new album soon. The news was revealed by one of the duo members Kyle Gass, who told, that he and his bandmate Jack Black have already begun the work for their new album.

Unfortunately, according to Kyle they have only finished about one to one and a half song only, and still don't have any clue on when the rock duo can finally release the new LP. "It's very challenging, we probably only have one to one and a half songs right now, and we probably need 12 to 15," Kyle explained. "It might take the rest of our lives, but I think it'll be worth waiting for."

Moreover, jokingly Kyle also stated that they plan to make the upcoming album as a master piece. "We'd like to do one final masterpiece I think we both know we're approaching death, as it were, and we'd like to have a lasting legacy. ('The Pick of Destiny') was kind of a soundtrack to the movie so we had to fulfill obligations that way. And now it's kind of opened up," Kyle said.

Beside speaking about Tenacious D's new record plan, on the interview, Kyle said that he also hoped to finish his side project band Trainwreck's first studio album soon. "I think that I need to really work harder at completing some of these projects. I think that I've been living on my laurels. I've been lazy, but now I think it's time to kick ass," Kyle said.


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posted by Biggest jack black f on Sep 22, 2010
I cant wait but whatever you do keepthe albums going forever i love you both your both truely awesome and teneacious d in the pick of destiny is the best movie ever madexxx
posted by mattfoo on Aug 31, 2010
The grohl has stated today that he has laid down some new tenacious d drum track. On Twitter. Yahooooo.
posted by Alok on Feb 23, 2010
Omg... i just need a few new songs :)but it rly sucks that it will take so long... but was lange werd, wird endlich gut !
posted by SOAD Fan on Oct 10, 2009
This album will be good, I just know it. Sadly, its probably gonna come out in the summer of 2010, or a month sooner. It takes them awhile to write albums, but if their going to write a masterpiece, its going to take awhile.
posted by Don on Aug 31, 2009
Alot of people don't take this band seriously because they're a comedy act. But really they have a lot of really awesome songs and I like the fact that they treat rock and roll in a funny comical matter. That's really what early rock and roll was all about. Too many bands take themselves so seriously these days. I hope this album is a real masterpiece so that the D can finally show the world that they really are not just comedians, they are truly gifted musicians as well. I hope they follow this album with a world tour cause I would totally go see them live.
posted by poopmongeralphadogz on Aug 28, 2009
new album? whoo! do more devil songs, less pot ones. look at folklore and medieval songs! rock out!
posted by Bow To The D on Aug 14, 2009
Jack Kyle Im Sure You Wont Let Us Down Bow To The D !!! XD XD
posted by Kongo on Jul 08, 2009
I like turtles
posted by coleo on Jul 05, 2009
The D rock, but there new album might take a while. Sucks
posted by eddy the possom on May 16, 2009
the d fuckin rock, and when this album comes out i am gonna get the day it comes out, you guys fuckin kick ass XD
posted by me on May 04, 2009
it wont be the last they said the first album was going to be the only one then they said the 2nd was going to be the last but it wasnt the new album is going to rock
posted by Love on Apr 18, 2009
I totally agree! This better not b The D's last outing. They still have an enormous fan base and plenty of life left in them! They rock!
posted by greenday051391 on Jan 20, 2009
Tenacious D better not quit. they still have alot of life in them. the album better be out in 2009.
posted by muvee on Jan 17, 2009
They cant make this their lst album :( The D rule and are no where near death. I want 5 more albums at least! Love you Tenacious d
posted by Schlong on Dec 22, 2008
Tenacious D, you rule!
posted by bigt on Dec 15, 2008
i love the d and i cant wait for the new album
posted by Tenacious d taviano! on Dec 09, 2008
Speriamo che fanno l'album, w i tenacious d

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