Christian Bale Said There Would Be Batman 3

August 22, 2007 08:12:43 GMT

The superhero's portrayer Christian Bale has let it slip that Warner Bros. Pictures' revitalized Batman franchise will have its third installment.

Christian Bale Said There Would Be Batman 3
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Well, it's obvious now that Batman's crusade will still continue after "The Dark Knight."

Actor playing the superhero Christian Bale has delightfully confirmed during the press junket for his other vehicle "3:10 to Yuma" that there would indeed be a third installment of the revitalized Batman franchise, making up a complete trilogy of the series that started with the release of "Batman Begins" back in 2005.

In related news, a scooper for has brought in information stating that Bale's co-star Anthony Michael Hall will play an investigative reporter for the GCN who is intensely jealous of Bruce Wayne. Talks on what part Hall is assigned to has been circulating for months with speculations running the gamut from The Riddler to Alberto Falcone.

Further, the source also went on saying that Hall's character, being an antagonist but not a villain, finally learns of Bruce Wayne's alter ego and plans to use the GCN to blow the whistle on him. However, this is heard by the Joker who then sets out to stop the reporter by calling in a bomb threat to the TV station out of the villain's fear that he will lose the object of his game-playing affection. The move is designed to steal the attention off the reporter so he cannot issue the Batman-revealing report.


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posted by sammie on Mar 09, 2010
wow i'll be hellah excited when this comess out ! sounds hellah dopee (:
posted by Mike on Sep 06, 2009
It's strange how so many state that anyone else would ruin the Joker. Personally, I thought that Heath Ledger would ruin it, before I saw it. Just because Heath Ledger died after the making doesn't mean that that role is now completely untouchable. Sure, he performed the part fantastically, but there are many actors who can do it just as well...
posted by Bryan on Aug 05, 2009
Just have this be a 2 or 3 part movie to end the entire series and have every character In those movies, except joker cause Heath ledger is the man
posted by superguy14008 on Jul 26, 2009
i think they should bring harvey back find another joker have batman retire then come back and also have the riddler be played by jonny dept and let robin and batgirl go fighting crime.
posted by clark on Jun 02, 2009
I am superbatspiderman
posted by andries price on Mar 30, 2009
im playing robin batman's sidekick on batman 3 maria kanellis as batgirl david spade as the riddler halle berry as catwoman terrence howard as nightwing batman 3 opens june 2010
posted by skull4400 on Jan 08, 2009
The next Batman movie should be about the riddler and/or killer croc. cause No one can replace ledger
posted by hey on Jan 04, 2009
they shouldnt even have the joker in this one he should just be locked up because ledgers performance is untouchable, they should just use harvey dent
posted by Hi on Dec 31, 2008
No! No! They will ruin the dark knight!
posted by lucy.g on Aug 05, 2008
i can not wate to the 3rd batman and i hope they have the same batman

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