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January 01, 2009

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AceShowbiz's 2009 Midseason TV Guide (2/3)

January 01, 2009 04:21:37 GMT

Turning over the page, here are some TV shows opening a new chapter of their stories. Coming this midseason in the TV world are among others, the 13th season of "The Bachelor" and the highly-anticipated return of "Lost" and "24" that had suffered delay from the writer's strike.
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AceShowbiz's 2009 Movie Guide (2/2)

January 01, 2009 02:06:02 GMT

Continuing the previous article about the upcoming movies in 2009, here AceShowbiz presents the second part of the two-part compilations of 2009 films. Built for those seeking for the ultimate thrills, movies listed here are mostly action films with age-restricted ratings which may not be suitable for general audiences.