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November 04, 2008

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Sneak Preview of 'CSI: Miami' 7.07: Cheating Death

November 04, 2008 09:57:58 GMT

Another murder case to solve on the next episode of "CSI: Miami". "Cheating Death" has more scenes about blood, lust, revenge, and betrayal, centering on a murder case.
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Heidi Klum Donning Her Second Milk Mustache for Got Milk? Ad

November 04, 2008 09:40:37 GMT

Supermodel Heidi Klum appears for her latest Got Milk? ad with a milk mustache on her face. Donning a tube purple gown, the German-born model is sitting on a high wooden chair making her gracious pose with a glass of milk on the floor by one of the chair's feet.
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A Slew of Fresh Photos From 'The Spirit' Unraveled

November 04, 2008 09:28:50 GMT

In the latest update coming from "The Spirit", Movie Web have come out with twenty brand new images from the Will Eisner's adapted comic strip. Providing other takes on the film, the stills highlight mostly on the characters, including The Spirit, Octopus, Sand Saref, Ellen Dolan, Silken Floss and many others. Some of the pictures may have bring in some spoilers.
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Video Premiere: David Cook's 'Light On'

November 04, 2008 08:59:10 GMT

David Cook debuts a music video in support of his newest single "Light On". Filmed at L.A. Valley College, the music video was directed by Wayne Isham, the man behind Britney Spears' "Piece of Me" music video.
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Preview of 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' 2.08: Mr Ferguson Is Ill Today

November 04, 2008 08:49:30 GMT

It's a trip south of the border on "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" November 10 episode. Sarah, Cameron, Derek, and Ellison work together while Cromartie gets closer to John and Riley in Mexico.
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Official Trailer of 'Monsters vs. Aliens' Comes Out

November 04, 2008 08:45:23 GMT

A UFO has landed in America. Soon enough, the alien living inside the spaceship makes contact with the government to unveil his purpose; that is, to take over the Earth. Answering to the alien's threat, the government takes action. When the bombing of the spaceship doesn't work, the government goes with its last option, unleashing the monsters.
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Nick Jonas' Diabetes PSA for JDRF, the Video

November 04, 2008 08:12:57 GMT

The PSA for diabetes by Nick Jonas has been premiered on Sunday, November 2 on Disney Channel. Considered as an apt ambassador, being diagnosed with diabetes type 1 himself in 2005, the member of Jonas Brothers taped the video in support of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
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'The Three Stooges' Being Revived by the Farrelly Brothers

November 04, 2008 07:49:48 GMT

The modern incarnation of comedy act "The Three Stooges" is indeed going to be picked up for big screen production. On Monday, November 3, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures announced that the studio have Bobby and Peter Farrelly, who spent five years trying to make the Stooges movie at Warner Bros., attached to the revived project as the directors.
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Beyonce Knowles' 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' Previewed

November 04, 2008 07:37:43 GMT

An audio stream previewing Beyonce Knowles' new songs from her forthcoming "I Am...Sasha Fierce" LP has come out. Starting with a ballad song "Halo" which lasts only for half a minute, the seven-minute audio continues by rolling to another slow jam called "Disappear".
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Shonda Rhimes Confirms Brooke Smith's Dismissal From 'Grey's Anatomy'

November 04, 2008 07:37:30 GMT

Shonda Rhimes, "Grey's Anatomy" creator and executive producer, finally gives a statement regarding the unfortunate situation of Brooke Smith's dismissal from the ABC's medical drama series. Rhimes exclusively confirmed to EW's Michael Ausiello that the decision is beyond her control.
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'Bruno' Popped By Anti-Gay Marriage Rally

November 04, 2008 07:03:39 GMT

After creating quite a commotion at Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's show in Milan in September, Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen's alter ego, made another memorable pop out in front of public. On Sunday, November 2, the gay Austrian fashion reporter turned up at a rally supporting Proposition 8, the anti-gay legislation, in Los Angeles.
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Another Taylor Swift's Brand New Song Revealed

November 04, 2008 06:55:02 GMT

Getting closer to the release date of her sophomore major studio effort "Fearless", Taylor Swift brings forward another new material from the upcoming album. Called "You Belong With Me", the new single is penned by Swift herself, teaming up with Liz Rose.
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Preview of 'Gossip Girl' 2.10: Bonfire of Vanity

November 04, 2008 06:48:32 GMT

Things got a little tense within the Waldorf clan when Blair finds out about her mother's romance to Cyrus Rose (guest star Wallace Shawn), and decides not to give her seal of approval. All new in "Gossip Girl". Blair tries everything possible to make them break apart while, Cyrus' son Aaron keeps charming Serena.
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Fresh Red Band Trailer of 'Soul Men' Hits

November 04, 2008 06:36:15 GMT

A brand new red band trailer of drama comedy "Soul Men" has arrived. In courtesy of Coming Soon, the trailer is filled with sexual jokes and multiple uses of coarse words. Focusing on the outrageous side of the movie, it presents Louis and Floyd as The Real Deal in 1973, 1984 and 2008, and displays the bickering between the two all the way to the end.
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'King of the Hill' Possibly Airing on ABC

November 04, 2008 06:10:08 GMT

"King of the Hill", animated series that recently has been ended for further production by its airing network FOX, will probably have another place to get airing for future season. Variety has reported that there is a possibility for the animation sitcom moving to another network, which is none other than ABC.
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Jennifer Hudson Kissed Mother Goodbye, Fantasia Barrino Sang at the Private Service

November 04, 2008 05:13:52 GMT

On Monday, November 3, Jennifer Hudson finally said goodbye to her slain mother, brother and nephew as a private funeral service took place at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago. Of the heartfelt service, Chicago Tribune reported that the 27-year-old singer/actress spent a few moments at each of the caskets, before gently touching her mother's body and leaning forward to kiss her.
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Video Premiere: Il Divo's 'The Winner Takes It All (Va Todo Al Ganador)'

November 04, 2008 04:15:23 GMT

A music video in accompaniment of Il Divo's cover of "The Winner Takes It All" has arrived. The video is shot during an event and features the vocal group's live on-stage performance.
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Preview and Bonus Video of 'One Tree Hill' 6.10

November 04, 2008 04:04:05 GMT

The preview of "One Tree Hill" next week's episode has arrived. This time the One Tree Hill residents will attend a USO concert at a Marine base that is produced by Peyton. Rock band Angels & Airwaves are featured in the episode along with Kate Voegele who plays her recurring role as young singer named Mia Catalano.
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New Trailer of 'Fanboys' Arrives

November 04, 2008 03:59:22 GMT

The Weinstein Company have come out with a brand new trailer for "Fanboys". Bringing viewers to the crazy and dangerous road trip the Star Wars ultimate fans going through to watch "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" before the movie hits theaters, the video footage introduces the adventure as a suicide mission turned one ultimate road trip.
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Akon Featured on Lionel Richie's Upcoming LP

November 04, 2008 03:36:42 GMT

For his next installment, Lionel Richie has signed rappers Akon and Ne-Yo as his collaborators. Both rappers will share writing credits with Richie on the follow-up to Richie's 2006 "Coming Home" which has sold 444,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
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Carrie Underwood Sheds All Rumors in New Edition of Elle Magazine

November 04, 2008 03:29:16 GMT

On the December 2008 edition of Elle magazine, Carrie Underwood is not only featured on its cover but is also given an opportunity to shed all the false rumors off her through an interview. The American Idol winner talks among others issues on fame, her love life, and that 'other blond'.
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Two More 'The Best of Bond...James Bond' Music Videos Brought Forth

November 04, 2008 03:09:09 GMT

The Best of Bond site for "The Best of Bond...James Bond" compilation album has been added with two more music videos. Exposing Bond movies' theme song of the 1981 "For Your Eyes Only" and the 1983 "Octopussy", the pair of clips features Sheena Easton's "For Your Eyes Only" and Rita Coolidge's "All Time High" in various formats and resolutions.
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A Clip From 'Supernatural' 4.08: Wishful Thinking

November 04, 2008 03:00:57 GMT

A sneak peek to the November 6 episode of "Supernatural" has been given by The CW. The clip takes on the part when Dean and Sam comes to a girl's house to investigate on a huge teddy bear coming to life.
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Kate Winslet Bares All for Vanity Fair December Issue

November 04, 2008 02:27:41 GMT

Kate Winslet bares all for the December 2008 issue of Vanity Fair. She appears on the cover sitting and staring at the camera with only a white coat on and inside the magazine she channels the Deneuve character from Belle de Hour, where a housewife has a second job as a daytime prostitute. Pictures of her are taken among others by the famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz.
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Video Premiere: Paramore's 'Decode'

November 04, 2008 02:17:18 GMT

Paramore have premiered a music video for Twilight's theme song "Decode". Featuring the band's performance in a dense forest, the music video also has a few new bits from the movie.