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November 03, 2008

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Sneak Preview of 'Brothers and Sisters' 3.07: Do You Believe in Magic?

November 03, 2008 09:53:08 GMT

Previous episode of "Brothers & Sisters" featured Kitty and her husband Robert McCallister waiting for a birth mother. Next week in "Do You Believe in Magic?", Kitty's neurosis will cause McCallister's chance to adopt to be in danger.
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'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' Wraps Principal Photography

November 03, 2008 09:49:30 GMT

Answering the speculations on the wrapping up of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" shooting, director Michael Bay's official website has come out with confirmation over the matter. In a posted message entitled "It's a wrap!" on October 31, the administrator Nelson wrote simply, "As of this week, principal photography for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has ended."
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Video Premiere: The All-American Rejects' 'Gives You Hell'

November 03, 2008 09:39:54 GMT

Four-piece rock band The All-American Rejects have premiered a music video in support of their brand new single, "Gives You Hell". Directed by Marc Webb and co-produced by DNA, the music video revolves around a feud between a happily-ever-after couple and their rocker neighbors.
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Miley Cyrus' Boyfriend Dressed Up as Nick Jonas

November 03, 2008 09:03:50 GMT

Miley Cyrus' boyfriend Justin Gaston appeared on her driveway dressing as Nick Jonas. Wearing brown tuxedo on top of white shirt, he was hanging out in Cyrus family home and handing candies to kids that went trick or treating to the house.
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Alyson Hannigan's Pregnancy May Take Part on 'How I Met Your Mother'

November 03, 2008 08:55:33 GMT

CBS sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother", gives an opportunity for its actress, Alyson Hannigan, to make an appearance on the series during her pregnancy period. It has been reported that the series' producers are considering to rewrite the scripts' episodes for Alyson's pregnancy appearance.
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Angelina Jolie Covers Bazaar December 2008 Issue

November 03, 2008 08:52:38 GMT

Angelina Jolie becomes the new face of Harper's Bazaar, U.K. version, covering the magazine's December 2008 issue that takes on the cover story of "Pure Glamour". The actress is shot up close, biting her small finger, with "Angelina Up Close" as the headline accompanying her picture.
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'Tintin' May Be Developed to Two Instead of Three Films

November 03, 2008 08:51:26 GMT

Words are, "Tintin" may be made into two films only. This recent speculation arose to the surface after Variety came up with the news that Sony Pictures Entertainment and Paramount Pictures are in talks to co-finance the digital 3-D movie for one film of the trilogy.
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'Quantum of Solace' Broke U.K. Box Office Record

November 03, 2008 08:04:20 GMT

Opening in the U.K. theaters ahead of its U.S. release, "Quantum of Solace" has got off to a lightning start on the overseas sales. Screened widely for the first time in the Great Britain on Friday, October 31, the 22nd installment of the James Bond movie has broken the U.K.'s biggest Friday opening of all time previously held by "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".
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Kelly Rowland to Drop Upcoming LP in March

November 03, 2008 08:03:13 GMT

Kelly Rowland will drop her not-yet-titled third major studio effort in March 2009, according to Kelly Rowland Web. The 27-year-old singer reportedly teams up with Nate "Danja" Hills to produce the follow-up of her 2007 LP, "Ms. Kelly".
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Preview of 'True Blood' 1.10: I Don't Wanna Know

November 03, 2008 07:55:26 GMT

With three more episodes to wrap up the first season of "True Blood", the vampire drama series offers the revelation of secrets. Caught in a compromising position, Sam shares a secret with an incredulous Sookie in the 1.10 episode called "I Don't Wanna Know".
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Fresh Photos of the Crazy Things Jim Carrey Does in 'Yes Man'

November 03, 2008 07:18:50 GMT

A couple of "Yes Man" new photos has been making its way out. Unraveled by Slash Film, the fresh pictures present Jim Carrey's character, Carl Allen, in two eccentric situations, one of which seem to be like in a costume party.
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Preview of 'Desperate Housewives' 5.07: What More Do I Need?

November 03, 2008 07:10:37 GMT

Lynette confronts her worst fear in the new episode of "Desperate Housewives". After suspecting her husband of cheating, Lynette reaches out to 'the other woman' and slaps her on the face. Meanwhile, she and Tom will also uncover an unsettling truth about their son, Porter.
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'Heroes' Co-Executive Producers Off From Their Duties

November 03, 2008 07:08:17 GMT

Rating and margin problems that revolve around NBC's science fiction series, "Heroes", go further by the axing of the series' co-executive producers off from their duties. It has been exclusively reported by Variety that Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb are leaving the three years old series that they have been working on since the first season.
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Video Premiere: Kat DeLuna's 'Am I Dreaming'

November 03, 2008 07:01:59 GMT

After her "In the End" music video was released, Kat DeLuna has, once again, come out bringing a music video for her latest single, "Am I Dreaming". The video was shot in the Dominican Republic and it shows her singing the song with several backing dancers through the street of a China town. Quick stroll of her on-bed and by-swimming pool is also viewed during the video set.
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Fergie Featured on HP Commercial, the Video

November 03, 2008 06:51:29 GMT

Stacy Ferguson or best known as Fergie, has been featured in a commercial ad for Hewlett Packard, presenting its eco-friendly product as "The Digital Dutchess". Heavy in special-effects, the commercial has the singer narrating on her needs that can be fulfilled easily through her use of HP's products.
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Robert Pattinson's 'Never Think' and Other Tracks for 'Twilight' Found

November 03, 2008 06:36:48 GMT

Hypening up to the theatrical release of "Twilight", some of the songs featured in the vampire drama soundtrack have been uncovered. One of the tracks found is "Never Think" by Robert Pattinson, while the others are "Bella's Lullaby" from Carter Burwell and "Spotlight [Twilight Mix]" from Mute Math.
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Artist of the Week: Val Emmich

November 03, 2008 06:28:34 GMT

Val Emmich's sixth studio album "Little Daggers" has been released since September 23 in the U.S. under New York indie label Bluehammock Music. Bringing "shorter and more concise" songs, the effort was produced by himself and aimed to "pack a lot of punch in a little space and have plenty of ear candy for people to catch on multiple listens."
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A New Song From Justin Timberlake Unveiled

November 03, 2008 03:59:12 GMT

The newest single from Jive Records' artist, Justin Timberlake, has been outed. Titled "Magic", the brand new song will reportedly appear on his not-yet-titled third solo studio album.
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Jennifer Hudson's Slain Family Remembered, Murder Gun May Belong to Brother

November 03, 2008 03:33:11 GMT

Nine days after the dead bodies of Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were found in their own home and nearly a week after Jennifer's nephew was found dead, a public memorial service for the three slain victims has been thrown. Held on Sunday, November 2, at Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, the service was attended by nearly 100 friends and relatives.
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Enrique Iglesias Skeptic on Future With Anna Kournikova

November 03, 2008 03:32:49 GMT

People have been itching on Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova's love ride, but the former has released a statement that he sees no future in their love relationship. The 33-year old singer revealed that despite their 6 years of togetherness, he is convinced that she will leave him at one point.
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'High School Musical 3: Senior Year' Wins Halloween Week

November 03, 2008 02:31:33 GMT

Securing its #1 position for the second weekend consecutively, "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" remains unbeatable at the box office during the Halloween weekend. Hauling in $15.3 million, the big screen sequel to the "High School Musical" franchise has raised the total of $62 million after 10 days screening on multiple theaters across North America.
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John McCain Made Jokes on 'Saturday Night Live', Barack Obama's Response

November 03, 2008 02:27:50 GMT

John McCain has had his share of laugh on "Saturday Night Live" but his appearance on the show couldn't beat the now famous appearance of his running mate, Sarah Palin, in terms of ratings. The Republican presidential candidate made a sketch slot on Saturday, November 1, making fun of his reputation in politic and the shortage of financial supply for his campaign. The episode was the 2nd best ratings for the show in 11 years, the first being that of Palin's.
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Video Premiere: Miley Cyrus' 'I Thought I Lost You' Feat. John Travolta

November 03, 2008 02:24:42 GMT

A music video in support of Miley Cyrus' new song "I Thought I Lost You" which features John Travolta and serves as a soundtrack for computer-animated movie "Bolt" has been debuted. On the music video, Cyrus and Travolta's in-video performance is sometimes intercepted with a scene showing the title character of the movie, Bolt, and his owner and co-star, Penny, fleeing from bike riders' chase through the Big Apple's busy traffic.