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March 05, 2008

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Restricted Trailer 'Foot Fist Way' Out!

March 05, 2008 09:51:52 GMT

The restricted trailer of "The Foot Fist Way" is now available online. The video footage promoting the Paramount Vantage's comedy film lasts nearly two and a half minutes.
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No Umbrellas Allowed in Rihanna's U.K. Concerts

March 05, 2008 09:32:46 GMT

Due to the popularity of her "Umbrella" dance, Rihanna and her management have banned her fans from bringing umbrellas to her concerts in U.K. The singer who is rumored to be dating Chris Brown, put the reason for the audience's safety in case somebody's trying to imitate her movement.
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The Diet That Helps Rihanna Stays Trim

March 05, 2008 09:20:14 GMT

Has openly claimed her bum as her best asset, Rihanna credits a perfect daily diet for her famous legs and backside. The "Umbrella" singer admits that she's very careful with what she eats, thanks to that she as a result could stay trim and sexy.
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'Dragon Ball Z' Pushed to 2009

March 05, 2008 09:07:28 GMT

Disappointing news came from "Dragonball Evolution" as a major change has been done to the big screen adaptation of Japanese anime series. According to ComingSoon, the 20th Century Fox's action fantasy film won't be released on August 15, 2008, instead it will bow in theaters eight months later to be exact on April 3, 2009.
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Whoopi Goldberg Bringing Out Her New Line of Bedding

March 05, 2008 08:59:37 GMT

Whoopi Goldberg is adding designer to her impressive career resume. Being inspired by a secret tattoo, the actress-comedian then channeling her diverse inner creativity and sums it up in a range of bedding.
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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith to Adopt a Child from China

March 05, 2008 08:40:40 GMT

Another adoption is on the way and this time it's Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith who are having the option in their mind. The celebrity couple, according to MediaTakeOut, are considering to adopt a child from China.
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Meagan Good Befriending David S. Goyer's 'Unborn'

March 05, 2008 08:29:50 GMT

The "Stomp the Yard" beauty Meagan Good has been set to star in Rogue Pictures' latest supernatural thriller "The Unborn". According to Hollywood Reporter, the 26-year-old has landed the part of being the best friend of the leading character to be portrayed by Odette Yustman.
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Video Premiere: Juanes' 'Gotas de Agua Dulce'

March 05, 2008 08:22:37 GMT

Colombian singer Juanes has premiered a music video for his latest single, "Gotas de Agua Dulce" on Yahoo! Music. The song which is translated "Drops of Sweet Water" in English, is the title to the second single from his 2007 album "La Vida...Es un Ratico".
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2004 Miss Israel to Join Latest 'Fast and Furious' Film?

March 05, 2008 08:03:46 GMT

Rumor has it that the 2004 Miss Universe contestant Gal Gadot is joining the cast of "The Fast and the Furious" sequel "Untitled Fast and the Furious Sequel". According to MovieHole, the 22-year-old model has been in talks with the film's star and producer Vin Diesel to become the new cast member in the action film.
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Bjork's Implicit Political Message Caused Controversy in China

March 05, 2008 08:02:46 GMT

Often outspoken singer Bjork caused a controversy when she performed in China and chanted "Tibet! Tibet!" during her final set "Declare Independence". The Icelandic singer appeared at Shanghai International Gymnastic Center on March 2 as a mean to promote her latest album "Volta" but caused political controversy instead.
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'Speed Racer' to Also Be Released on IMAX

March 05, 2008 07:21:32 GMT

The Wachowski brothers' upcoming action adventure film "Speed Racer" will also be released using the IMAX format on the same day it is released on the conventional theaters on May 9. Reports claimed that IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros. Pictures have made the announcement on Tuesday, March 4.
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'Transformers 2' to Be Filmed in Philly?

March 05, 2008 06:42:40 GMT

The sequel of the blockbuster action adventure "Transformers", "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", is said to be heading to Philadelphia for the production. According to an article in MainLineToday.com, the Michael Bay-directed picture is more likely to be shot at 'the City of Brotherly Love' due to the city's "film-friendly" environment.
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Four TV Spots of 'Doomsday' Comes Out!

March 05, 2008 06:09:10 GMT

Four television spots of Neil Marshall's latest thriller "Doomsday" has hit the web. The promotional clips featuring mostly the film's star Rhona Mitra last less than a minute each. The first three runs for about 16 seconds, while the last runs for 31 seconds.
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Beyonce Knowles to Perform at Suri's Birthday Party?

March 05, 2008 06:05:01 GMT

There have been rumors abuzz that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are holding a huge birthday party for their daughter Suri who turns two on April 18. New report brought up by MediaTakeOut.com said that Beyonce Knowles will be made a performer at the party.
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Lily Allen's BMW Smashed by Shutterbug, the Pics

March 05, 2008 05:07:27 GMT

The window of her new BMW was smashed and Lily Allen put the blame on the paparazzi. The British songbird was on her way out of the Groucho Club in London, England on Monday night, March 3 after partying there when the paparazzi came on her way, surrounded her in an attempt to get her pics.
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Linkin Park Take Jay-Z to Projekt Revolution Tour

March 05, 2008 04:53:14 GMT

Two big acts from two different genres will take over U.K. this June in a Projekt Revolution tour date. A one-off show has been scheduled to have Linkin Park and Jay-Z headlining a show at Milton Keynes Bowl on June 29. Both acts are expected to make a collaboration for they had previously worked together on album "Collision Course".
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Miley Cyrus' Double Tour Molded to CD/DVD Set

March 05, 2008 04:27:22 GMT

Miley Cyrus will have her high-grossing double duty tour, "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert" chronicled into CD/DVD set. The tour that invaded North America in Fall 2007 and grossed over $54 million sees Cyrus performing 14 tracks either as herself or her Disney character, Hannah Montana.
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Mario Lopez Dances His Way to Broadway's 'A Chorus Line'

March 05, 2008 04:13:23 GMT

Mario Lopez, a celebrity contestant for the third season of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," is now dancing his way to Broadway. The Mexican-American actor will join the Broadway cast of "A Chorus Line", producer John Breglio announced Tuesday, March 4.
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Christina Aguilera's Next Album Will Be All Pop

March 05, 2008 03:51:11 GMT

In a recent SOHH interview, DJ Premier revealed that Christina Aguilera's new album is in the works. The producer who has worked with numerous Hip-Hop icons like Snoop Dogg, Nas and the late Notorious B.I.G., said that the next venture from the "Ain't No Other Man" hitmaker is all pop.
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Lloyd and Lil Wayne Team Up for an Album

March 05, 2008 03:18:07 GMT

Started off as a coincidence in the studio, Lloyd came out with an idea that Lil Wayne and him should do an album together. Although no dates have been announced, in an interview with Rhapsody, the R'n'B singer revealed that they will release a joint album called "Best of Young Worlds".
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U.S. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Advertising Activia Yoghurt

March 05, 2008 03:11:35 GMT

The Dannon Company has launched an advertising campaign for Activia featuring actress Jamie Lee Curtis in a bid to draw attention to the importance of digestive health. The U.S. actress, best known for her role as Laurie Strode in "Halloween" (1978), has teamed up with the food giant to appear in a series of adverts promoting the company's Activia yoghurt products.
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Akon Ready to Release Third and Fourth Album

March 05, 2008 03:00:38 GMT

Just when people start wondering where is the follow up to his Grammy-nominated album "Konvicted" (2006), Akon came with the announcement of the new album. He is in fact "practically done" with the album which will be his third effort.
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Troubles Came Upon 'Harry Potter 7' Filming

March 05, 2008 02:55:48 GMT

As Harry Potter's fans are anxiously waiting for the release of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", the people behind the feature film series were abashed by problems occurring during the filming of the last installment of the Potter's franchise. According to reports, the shooting of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" has to be temporarily halted because of two male streakers.
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Paris Hilton to Guest Star on Hit TV Show 'My Name Is Earl'

March 05, 2008 02:42:37 GMT

Paris Hilton will make a pit stop on the small screen. The celebrity socialite is set to guest star on the hit TV show "My Name Is Earl", starring as herself.
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Nominees of 43rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards

March 05, 2008 02:35:41 GMT

Kenny Chesney rules way above his peers in dominating the Academy of Country Music Awards nominations. The country crooner who released his eleventh studio album "Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates" last year, receives as many as 11 nods while others go below seven nods.
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Bond Star Daniel Craig to Marry Longtime Girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell

March 05, 2008 02:18:57 GMT

James Bond star Daniel Craig is set to marry his longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, it has been revealed. The movie hunk is said to have been planning to marry film producer Satsuki soon after he finishes filming the latest Bond flick, "Quantum of Solace."
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David Beckham's Visit to Shanghai Hospital Sparks Chaos

March 05, 2008 01:56:30 GMT

David Beckham paid a visit to young leukemia patients at Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai on Tuesday, March 4. Hundreds of bystanders including staff, fans and the media hit the locale, desperate to catch a glimpse of the star thereby police had to be called in for crowd control.