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August 08, 2007

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Britney Spears Seeking Help from Swedish Songwriter

August 08, 2007 09:39:21 GMT

With the delayed release date, Britney Spears' comeback album is available for more ideas and constructions. Swedish singer slash songwriter Robyn Miriam Carlsson or more known as simply Robyn has been tapped to pen a song for the pop diva.
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J.J. Abrams Strikes Another Collaboration with Paramount

August 08, 2007 09:36:31 GMT

Well, seems the relationship between J.J. Abrams and Paramount Pictures is running rather smoothly this year for the two are again joining forces to work on a new project together.
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Anton Yelchin Boards Star Trek as Pavel Chekov

August 08, 2007 09:11:37 GMT

This surely will be the biggest role "Charlie Bartlett" star Anton Yelchin has ever landed in his acting career to date.
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Soulja Boy's 'Crank That' Music Video Delayed

August 08, 2007 08:45:48 GMT

For what can be considered the most highly-anticipated music video this season, 'Crank That Soulja Boy' is being delayed for unspecified reason. The video by the Chicago rapper Soulja Boy is now coming to Yahoo! Music Video Premieres on August 10.
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Nicole Kidman Takes Double Stint in Universal's New Horror Pic

August 08, 2007 08:42:58 GMT

List of big screen stints Nicole Kidman has to undergo seems to get longer day by day. Already had six film projects to be conducted for few years ahead, the Australian beauty is now adding a new one on the plate, which will be a remake of Colombian horror film "Al final del espectro."
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Jonny Quest Makes Its Way to the Big Screen

August 08, 2007 08:34:52 GMT

After all the many genres, it's now time for TV based movie. In the wake of the successful summer blockbuster "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" and in the anticipation of the movie's finale, producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter are both teaming up to bring TV series "Jonny Quest" into big screen adaptation with the intention to make it as the next big family thing.
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Avril Lavigne Set to Perform in 2007 Teen Choice Awards

August 08, 2007 08:16:14 GMT

2007 Teen Choice Awards has begun taking shape with the announcement of its two performers. Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson are set to the the ninth annual award that is broadcast on Fox live August 26 at 8 p.m. ET.
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Lily Allen Promises to Settle U.S. Visa and Perform Next Month

August 08, 2007 07:51:29 GMT

Lily Allen was reported denied entry to U.S. for her recent London arrest and was being held at a Los Angeles airport for a few hours due to problematic working visa. Allen's Manager Neale Easterby confirmed that there was a halt but denied that the singer is banned from entering U.S.
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Paramount Set to Make Kept Men

August 08, 2007 07:45:50 GMT

Just released comedy flick "Hot Rod" in theaters, Paramount Pictures has already come up with a new one of the genre.
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Girls Aloud in Skin Tight Suits for 'Sexy! No, No, No' Video

August 08, 2007 07:13:49 GMT

British group Girls Aloud has slipped in to skin-tight suits for the video of their aptly-titled new single 'Sexy!No, No, No'. The girls wear the black PVC catwoman-like wardrobe with eye-liner heavy make-up to employ futuristic theme.
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New Invasion Extended Clip Lands on the Net

August 08, 2007 07:01:33 GMT

Not satisfied yet with the recent four TV spots launched for Warner Bros. Pictures' forthcoming "The Invasion"? No need to be sulky for MTV has delightfully brought an exclusive extended sneak peek for the movie online by now.
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Babyshambles Premiered New Single, Naming 2nd Album

August 08, 2007 06:43:29 GMT

Babyshambles' new single 'Delivery' was premiered on a British radio on August 6, during Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show. The song is slated to be the first single pulled from the upcoming studio album.
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Tom Brady Is Esquire's No. 1 Best Dressed Man in the World for 2007

August 08, 2007 06:41:11 GMT

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is good at choosing fashion to wear. The football player has topped Esquire magazine's fourth annual Best Dressed Men in the World list, ranked at the No. 1 spot. "He's managed to learn to keep it simple. He's got a tailor who makes his clothes fit really well, and he always looks like he's put a little thought into" his dress, says associate editor Richard Dorment of the athlete.
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Kanye West Reveals 'Graduation' Full Tracklisting, Up for Debate

August 08, 2007 06:14:14 GMT

The full tracklisting and cover art of Kanye West's highly-anticipated album 'Graduation' have been exposed. The September 11 album went details on U.S. iTunes where its pre-order is readily available.
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Two New Nanny Diaries Clips Put Online

August 08, 2007 05:58:39 GMT

While waiting the arrival of "The Nanny Diaries" in theaters nationwide late this month, there's something that fans of romantic comedy genre should really do in the meantime: have a fresh look on two new clips taken from the movie on the net.
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Vince Gill Among Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees

August 08, 2007 05:18:09 GMT

Three country icons have been selected to be the inductees of this year's Country Music Hall of Fame. Musician Vince Gill, singer-songwriter Mel Tillis and TV personality Ralph Emery are all slated to attend the induction ceremony in October.
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Judge Gives a NO to Anna Nicole Smith's Boob Job Videotape

August 08, 2007 04:18:33 GMT

Getting bored with Anna Nicole Smith already? Say it isn't so. The late Playboy Playmate made headlines all over again with the appearance of a videotape documenting her boob job.
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Rosario Dawson Doesn't Think She Will Be Miri in Kevin Smith's Porno

August 08, 2007 04:16:25 GMT

Kevin Smith should probably be flabbergasted by now knowing that he won't have his primary wish granted on getting his "Clerks II" star Rosario Dawson boards his new writing-directing project "Zack and Miri Make a Porno."
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The Omen Helmer Handling Virulents

August 08, 2007 03:45:53 GMT

Previously directing war movie "Behind Enemy Lines" and horror flick "The Omen", John Moore is now mixing both genres into one in his newest film project.
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Samantha Morton and Fiance Expecting Baby in January

August 08, 2007 03:44:48 GMT

Another baby is on its way for Samantha Morton. The movie beauty and her fiance Harry Holm are expecting their first child together, it has been reported.
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2007 MTV Video Music Awards Nominees Here!

August 08, 2007 03:12:11 GMT

2007 MTV Video Music Awards nominees are in. On the terms of most count, the list has Justin Timberlake and Beyonce Knowles who both own seven nods each while on the terms of today's big buzz, Rihanna and Amy Winehouse came quite unsurprising.
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Tom Cruise to Play Star Trek's Captain Pike?

August 08, 2007 03:07:51 GMT

Is it possible for Tom Cruise to shift from being a good Nazi to a USS Enterprise captain? Well, according to IGN, that just may happen as its trusted source has brought in report stating "Star Trek" helmer J.J. Abrams is wooing the mega-star to take the cameo role of Captain Christopher Pike in the anticipated movie.
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Big Names in Talks for Comedy He's Just Not That Into You

August 08, 2007 02:35:32 GMT

Looks like well-known faces are going to dominate scenes in "He's Just Not That Into You" if everything really goes as expected.
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A Man Sued Busta Rhymes for Alleged Assault

August 08, 2007 02:23:06 GMT

Another day, another legal problem for Busta Rhymes. The rap star was hit with a lawsuit filed by a man, identified as Roberto LeBron, who claimed he was beaten by him and his crew last summer after accidentally spitting on Rhymes' SUV.