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August 04, 2007

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Phantom of the Opera's Emmy Rossum Coming Up With Debut LP

August 04, 2007 07:53:55 GMT

Those expecting Emmy Rossum, who played Christine Daae in 2004's 'The Phantom of the Opera', to record a classical album may just be disappointed. The Golden Globe-nominated actress is choosing to release her debut LP in mainstream pop.
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Nude Photos Could Harm Madonna Chances to Get Permanent Adoption

August 04, 2007 07:24:33 GMT

She has yet had her adoption of a Malawian boy finalized. Unfortunately a new problem comes approaching her, threatened to harm her chances to acquire the adoption permanently. Madonna is battling to stop the spread of her naked photos as she is trying to make her latest adoption of son David Banda permanent.
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Silent Hill Scribe to Take on Return to Castle Wolfenstein Movie

August 04, 2007 07:12:17 GMT

Video game material apparently still becomes the main focus of Roger Avary after his writing stint in last year's "Silent Hill", TriStar Pictures' adaptation of the popular Konami survival horror video game series.
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TomKat Planning to Do Steamy Photo Shoot

August 04, 2007 06:55:07 GMT

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes are best friends with David Beckham and wife Victoria Adams. The family friends seem to have something in common, from popularity to taste. And when it comes to steamy photo shoot, TomKat would like to do it just like the Beckhams.
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Led Zeppelin's Hits Topped Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time

August 04, 2007 06:48:07 GMT

Led Zeppelin has topped the Q Magazine list of Greatest Guitar Tracks of All Time. Of all 20 songs listed, two of the rock band's hits "Black Dog" and "Dazed and Confused" are placed at no 1 and 2 respectively.
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Another Two Put into the 32nd Annual TIFF Lineup

August 04, 2007 06:38:44 GMT

Seems the burgeoning list of movies to be presented at this year's Toronto International Film Festival continues to grow bigger day by day. Following those of high-profile titles already put into the lineup, two more have delightfully been added by the event's organizers as parts of Gala Presentations section.
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American Beauty Mena Suvari Shaved Her Head Bald

August 04, 2007 06:23:27 GMT

Mena Suvari changed the way she looks, drastically. The movie beauty is having her hair chopped off just like fellow celeb Britney Spears did before she checked into rehab.
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k.d. lang Launching Cruise for Lesbian Community

August 04, 2007 06:11:13 GMT

k.d. lang has been honored to open the first Caribbean cruise by Olivia, a community set up for lesbians. The country singer will perform on board one day before the ship sets sail on Jan 26, 2008.
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Kate Moss Coming Out with Her Own Fragrance

August 04, 2007 05:11:21 GMT

Catwalk, fashion, and now the time has come to invade a new world. Kate Moss who already has her own line of clothing and haircare is jumping on the fragrance bandwagon, partnering with perfume company Coty Inc. to launch her first fragrance, called "Kate by Kate Moss."
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Jay-Z Shut Down Rumors of Leaving Def Jam

August 04, 2007 05:09:25 GMT

Rumors on Jay-Z leaving Def Jam have been shut down by the rapper himself. In a recent interview Jay stated that his three year contract is getting due but he's looking forward to renew it before seeking other possibilities.
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Rosario Dawson and Michelle Monaghan Get Into Eagle Eye

August 04, 2007 04:51:27 GMT

Early companions to Shia LaBeouf for his next vehicle "Eagle Eye" finally are picked up.
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Queens of the Stone Age on Free Summer Concert

August 04, 2007 04:45:48 GMT

A concert conducted in summer, for free and presenting various music genre never fails to attract mass of music lovers. Samsung/AT&T is back with its concert series Summer Krush and a new line-up.
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Sophie Marceau to Receive Honor at the 2007 Montreal World Film Fest

August 04, 2007 04:11:22 GMT

Various prestigious prizes had been bestowed on her, and in the coming weeks, she will have taken one more accolade to be placed alongside those at her home.
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Lindsay Lohan Talked DUI 36 Hours Before Her DUI Arrest

August 04, 2007 04:07:38 GMT

Lindsay Lohan's public humiliation continues with the release of her DUI talk with the ladies fashion magazine Elle, took place just 36 hours before she was arrested for driving under the influence for the second time in two months over Memorial Day weekend.
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Spice Girls Heading to Toronto, Not Baghdad

August 04, 2007 04:06:02 GMT

Spice Girls is no longer heading to Baghdad, the capital city of war-zone Iraq after Toronto, Canada won the tally the group conducted. Baghdad came close to winning a Spice Girls reunion concert a few days ago but fans in Toronto were more eager to have the girls in their city.
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Eddie Murphy Acknowledged Scary Spice's Daughter, Finally

August 04, 2007 03:35:25 GMT

It takes a while for Eddie Murphy to finally come out with his acknowledgment that he is the father of Melanie Brown's daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown. And when he finally does it, he does it in the biggest way possible.
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Katherine Heigl Takes Foray in Film Producing

August 04, 2007 03:29:50 GMT

Successful in becoming an accomplished actress, Katherine Heigl now is preparing to spark a new profession as film producer.
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Mos Def Lands Role in Dramedy Bury Me Standing

August 04, 2007 03:02:12 GMT

Already recognized as one of only a handful of rappers who have garnered critical approval for their acting work, Mos Def has found himself a starring role in an indie feature titled "Bury Me Standing", a comedic drama about life, death, and the madness that follows when two people meet, BlackFilm.com has reported.
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Nicole Richie Never Had an Eating Disorder, Willing to Gain as Much Weight for Her Baby

August 04, 2007 02:52:06 GMT

He said, she said. Not long after daddy Lionel Richie addressed her DUI sentence and pregnancy, Nicole Richie comes out with her denial on the persistent eating disorder rumors, claiming she never had one yet is taking her diet very seriously, especially after she found out she's expecting a child.
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will.i.am Releasing First Single and Video From Solo LP

August 04, 2007 02:40:49 GMT

Black Eyed Peas aside, member will.i.am is practicing his yet another solo project which would be his third. Titled "Song About Girls", the album has pulled out its lead single "I Got It From My Mama" as well as its music video for the song.
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Channing Tatum Picked for Rogue’s New Fight Flick

August 04, 2007 02:07:53 GMT

Prepare to see the different side of Channing Tatum in the future as the hot star will soon go full-force in showing his physical strength and fighting ability onscreen.
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Lionel Richie, His First Comment on Nicole Richie's DUI Sentence and Pregnancy

August 04, 2007 01:57:20 GMT

DUI sentence and pregnancy. Poppa Lionel Richie is breaking his silence over the many issues surrounding his daughter Nicole Richie. In the first ever comment he made since the reality TV star was sentenced to four days in jail and publicly announced her pregnancy, the R&B and soul singer simply says that his 25-years-old daughter has "made some mistakes in her life," but that he raised her to take responsibility for her behavior.