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April 09, 2007

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Pete Doherty and Kate Moss' Music Plan

April 09, 2007 09:35:02 GMT

Pete Doherty released the video of him playing guitar while his girlfriend Kate Moss watching him. It was explained by Doherty as their eagerness to make music together.
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Kevin Smith's Untitled Horror Project Now Called "Red State"

April 09, 2007 08:57:40 GMT

Finally the project gets a name moviegoers can easily refer to. New Jersey-born filmmaker Kevin Smith has revealed to Rotten Tomatoes that his long-discussed untitled horror flick from now on is addressed as "Red State" and will be his next directing effort after he finishes working on a comedy that is currently keeping him busy.
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Red Hot Chili Peppers at Hullabaloo Night

April 09, 2007 08:28:40 GMT

Red Hot Chili Peppers is set to headline Hullabaloo Festival. The band along with other artists such as Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, actor Woody Harrelson and jazz bassist Charlie Haden will appear at Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on May 5.
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Universal Comes to "Fiasco Heights"

April 09, 2007 08:22:58 GMT

Still enthusiastic in broadening its upcoming thriller slate, Universal Pictures in on the track to develop a flick of the kind entitled "Fiasco Heights" together with Platinum Dunes, Variety has learned.
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Jared Padalecki Holds the Key to "The Christmas Cottage"

April 09, 2007 07:54:55 GMT

Going back into the big screen after his last film stint in "Cry Wolf", Jared Padalecki has smoothly signed in to join Peter O'Toole in highlighting "The Christmas Cottage", Lionsgate and the Firm's partly biographical feature about renowned painter Thomas Kinkade.
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Kaiser Chiefs Turned Down Princess Diana's Memorial Concert

April 09, 2007 07:37:07 GMT

Despite many artists saying 'yes' to Princess Diana's anniversary concert, Kaiser Chiefs boldly said 'no'. The new wave band refused to perform at the memorial concert because they believe it is 'hypocritical'.
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Trio "Crossing Over" to Weinstein Co.'s Side

April 09, 2007 07:22:26 GMT

Building up an A-list lineup of cast, The Weinstein Company has picked up Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, and Sean Penn to all make appearances in its new immigration drama "Crossing Over", Variety has reported.
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Goo Goo Dolls Confirmed UK Visit

April 09, 2007 07:15:44 GMT

American alternative rock band Goo Goo Dolls will visit UK in a number if shows. During the summer they will play at 7 different venues that include three festivals.
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Jon Voight Teaches the "Bratz" a Lesson

April 09, 2007 06:51:22 GMT

Taking surprising turn in his prolific acting career, Jon Voight has given his agreement to have a starring part in "Bratz: The Movie", a live-action adaptation of the popular fashion doll line of Crystal Sky Pictures and MGA Entertainment production in association with Avi Arad Productions.
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Report on Nicole Kidman's Pregnancy Is Incorrect

April 09, 2007 06:43:07 GMT

Nicole Kidman is in denial, again, on her being reported pregnant with husband Keith Urban's child.
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"The Living Tree" Came to Shirley Bassey

April 09, 2007 06:29:29 GMT

Dame Shirley Bassey's new single "The Living Tree" has a rather long story behind the making. The single did not simply pop out of the materials accumulated for her new album.
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The 5 Women Most Men Want to Marry According to British Esquire Magazine

April 09, 2007 06:21:47 GMT

Beautiful, sexy, and talented, Scarlett Johansson definitely has all the qualities a man seeks in a woman. The reluctant paparazzi magnet has thus topped the poll of Women Most Men Want to Marry according to British Esquire magazine.
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Johnny Borrell Dumped Kirsten Dunst to Reunite with Ex-Girlfriend

April 09, 2007 05:54:04 GMT

The heat is cold already. It's over between Kirsten Dunst and her boyfriend Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell. The pair calls it quits after just three weeks.
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Usher Got His Very Own Fragrance

April 09, 2007 04:54:14 GMT

Notwithstanding with the rounding speculation concerning his personal life, Usher moves on and taking a new project to complete. The singer-actor gets his very own fragrance, it has been reported.
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"The Sadhu" Goes to India

April 09, 2007 04:53:38 GMT

Set to go to the next level in its development, "The Sadhu" will finally get itself filmed in India early next year, chief creative officer of Virgin Comics Gotham Chopra revealed to The Associated Press Friday, April 6, 2007.
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Gretchen Wilson Puts Hope for Third Album

April 09, 2007 04:38:31 GMT

After the big bang of debut album "Here for the Party" (2004), Gretchen Wilson went through sophomore album syndrome for 2005's "All Jacked Up". With the third titled "One of the Boys", she hopes to bring the 'Redneck Woman' sensation back.
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Celebrity Guests Scheduled to Appear on "Idol Gives Back"

April 09, 2007 04:27:10 GMT

Numbers of celebrities rally to join the upcoming "Idol Gives Back." It is a two-night special held to raise awareness and funds for organizations that provide relief programs to help children and young people in extreme poverty in America and Africa.
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George Lucas on "Indy 4"

April 09, 2007 04:06:39 GMT

Opening a layer on what "Fourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Adventures" is going to be, executive producer George Lucas has confirmed to USA Today that the upcoming picture will be as action-packed as expected despite the fact that star Harrison Ford is in his sixties now.
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Redman, 2007 Is the 'It' Year

April 09, 2007 03:59:43 GMT

Redman may be Def Jam's hottest artist in the past years, but his work was nowhere in sight after 2001's "Malpractice". Releasing "Red Gone Wild: Thee Album" on March 27, 2007, the rapper has his explanation why it took 6 years to make this piece.
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Mandy Moore Joining Fellow Celebrities to Run/Walk for Revlon's Women Event

April 09, 2007 03:55:48 GMT

Mandy Moore is lending her celebrity status to raise awareness to women's cancer issues and helps raise money for research. The singer-actress is joining Revlon spokesperson Halle Berry and NBC's "Today" co-host Meredith Vieira to host this year's Entertainment Industry Foundation's Revlon Run/Walk for Women event.
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Weekend U.S. Box Office of April 6-8, 2007

April 09, 2007 03:52:29 GMT

Easter holiday this year appears to not only mark the joy of Christian people in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but also witness the triumph of "Blades of Glory" in holding its No. 1 position for the second time on the weekend domestic box office for April 6-8.
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Three 6 Mafia Gear Up Reality Show on MTV, Get Behind the Camera for Playboy.com

April 09, 2007 03:28:12 GMT

Having their reality series, "Adventures In HollyHood," premiered on MTV Thursday night April 5th, Three 6 Mafia in the meantime also is making their rounds and their latest stop is at PlayBoy.com.
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Robbie Williams, Back to Take That for Good?

April 09, 2007 03:19:17 GMT

Seeing the good prospects Take That has achieved in the early of their reunion, Robbie Williams is reportedly interested to make the band comes full circle. Williams see that it is inevitable that he will complete the line-up in near future.
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Music Artists Taking Part in Pepsi's Global Re-Branding Efforts

April 09, 2007 02:54:07 GMT

A recording artist and music producer, Pharrell Williams is invading the world of soft drink, agreed to design a new version of the Pepsi can as part of a new promotion by the soft drink company.
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Rapper Jay-Z to Endorse Ace of Spade Champagne

April 09, 2007 02:28:16 GMT

Jay-Z is close to sign a new deal. The rapper who boycotted champagne label Louis Roederer Cristal because the brand distanced itself from its hip-hop clientele, is close to forging a partnership with rival brand Ace Of Spade, also known as Armand de Brignac.
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Stars Sponsoring National Online Celebrity Charitable Auction

April 09, 2007 01:58:45 GMT

Lil' Kim is one among the many other recording artists lend their support, sponsoring a national online celebrity charitable auction, which will support various homeless, HIV/AIDS and abuse organizations.