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April 03, 2007

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Girls Aloud Headlines 2007 Faenol Festival

April 03, 2007 10:00:25 GMT

Among the performers of 2007 Faenol Festival is all girls band Girls Aloud. They will headline the four-days festival along with R&B singer Jamelia and pop singer Shayne Ward.

In its seventh cycle, the festival's first night will be held on August 24 in Faenol estate near Bangor, Gwynedd. Every year the number of audience is growing in line of the more famous artists performing. The festival features both contemporary and classical music including musicals like Broadway.
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Exclusive Interview with Paula DeAnda, a Look at Her Career and More Personal Sides

April 03, 2007 09:38:48 GMT

A Mexican-American pop singer, Paula DeAnda striving into the galaxy of superstardom at quite a young age. Credited herself as a perfect example of how dreams can come true, the recording artist reveals nothing but all to AceShowbiz, all about her singing career, favorite actress and even the man of her dream.

On her becoming a singer, Paula claims it feels great to have her dream comes true. It means a lot for her that people begin to recognize her wholly, as an individual not by name only. Dealing with the media spotlight, she simply considers it as a consequence of her celebrity status and tries to act wise with it.
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Ashlee Simpson and The Cure in One Album?

April 03, 2007 09:24:37 GMT

An unlikely pair has teamed up for collaboration in an album. English rock band The Cure agreed to help pop singer Ashlee Simpson working on her third album after the band attended her show as Roxie Hart in musical "Chicago".

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy stands in the middle of the two but denied any participation on the alliance. "I doubt I had anything to do with it, 'cause they were friends since she was performing in Chicago. But I definitely only have good things to say about Ash--I think the collaboration could be great," he said.
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"Master Mind" Is Under Control of DreamWorks Animation

April 03, 2007 09:10:29 GMT

Barely came up with new project of "Crood Awakening", DreamWorks Animation has quickly set up another to be developed under its banner.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the studio is working its way to develop a superhero satire feature entitled "Master Mind" following its successful attempt to purchase the project's script from scribes Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons.
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Larry the Cable Guy Gives "Witless Protection"

April 03, 2007 08:28:44 GMT

Taking more appearances on big screen instead just lending voices like he mostly does, Larry the Cable Guy has given his commitment to star in a comedic feature titled "Witless Protection", The Hollywood Reporter has revealed.

Joining the likes of Ivana Milicevic, Yaphet Kotto, Peter Stormare, Joe Mantegna, and Eric Roberts, the funnyman, whose real name is Dan Whitney, will come under the direction of Charles Carner who is set to helm from his own script. Production is due to begin May 21 this year in and around Chicago with J.P. Williams and Alan Blomquist both serving as producers.
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Neil Jordan Keeps His Stuff in the "Heart Shaped Box"

April 03, 2007 07:58:47 GMT

Opts to remain in thriller genre after his two stints of "The Brave One" and "Killing on Carnival Row", Irish filmmaker Neil Jordan has signed on to direct another of the kind entitled "Heart Shaped Box" for Warner Bros. Pictures, Variety has reported.

Based on the book of the same name written by Joe Hill, son of horror fiction maven Stephen King, the project concerns an aging rock star who cannot refuse an offer to buy a suit on eBay said to contain a ghost. Following the arrival of the suit, he soon realizes that while he wants the ghost gone, the ghost in contrast desires for his death.
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Mark Burton Allies Himself with "Rex Libris"

April 03, 2007 07:19:26 GMT

Keeps being faithful in producing films based on comic books, Warner Bros. Pictures has tapped "Madagascar" scribe Mark Burton to work on the screenplay of its new movie "Rex Libris", an adaptation of James Turner's comic book series of the same title.

Names to direct and star have not yet been revealed, but it is confirmed that Charles Roven and Alex Gartner are both serving as producers through their production company Mosaic Media Group. The twosome have also paired to produce upcoming titles like "Live!", "Baker Street", and "Get Smart" among others.
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Roger Federer Is the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for Third Times

April 03, 2007 07:05:43 GMT

Roger Federer is still the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year. The world's top-ranked tennis player won his third straight Laureus Sportsman of the Year Award Monday April 2nd, making him the first ever recipient of three Laureus World Sports Awards.

Federer is believed as the world's top-ranked tennis player. He won three Grand Slams last year and added the Australian Open in January for his 10th career major championship. Winning the opposite award, the Sportswoman of the Year, is Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva.
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There's a "Link" Between Disney and Walt Becker

April 03, 2007 06:48:30 GMT

Apparently pretty satisfied with the work of Walt Becker in its biker comedy "Wild Hogs", Walt Disney Pictures has once more hired the Hollywood-born filmmaker to helm its new big screen project entitled "Link."

Based on Becker's 1998 novel of the same name, the flick will be an action adventure comedy that revolves around a paleontologist and maverick scientist who embark on a search of the missing link. While a screenwriter is still in search, it is learned that Mandeville partners David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman are both set to produce.
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Stacy Ferguson Had Lesbian Experiences in the Past

April 03, 2007 06:39:16 GMT

Spills the bean on her past life, Stacy Ferguson admits she has experimented with her sexuality in the past.

Revealed that she rebelled against her parents and her strict Catholic upbringing, Fergie told the Mirror, she "had lesbian experiences in the past."
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Glastonbury Festival's Tickets Sold Out Within 2 Hours

April 03, 2007 05:16:22 GMT

One hour and 45 minutes is the approximate duration of Glastonbury Festival's sold out tickets. Opened on April 1 at 09.00 BST, 137,500 tickets were gone as fast as lightning on websites like eBay.

Michael Eavis, the festivals' organizer said that he was thrilled and considered it as a 100 percent success. "It's probably the fastest time we have ever sold out," he told BBC News. A total of 400,000 goers have bid for their tickets through new ticketing system and were successful. However, fans who don't get their tickets can put their hopes to those putting their tickets back on sale or the ones not paying the bill on April 22.
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Ken Kwapis Understands "He's Just Not That Into You"

April 03, 2007 05:05:17 GMT

Snatching the next stint after his directing work for Warner Bros.' comedy "License to Wed", Ken Kwapis has landed deals to again provoke laugh in "He's Just Not That Into You", Variety has revealed.

A New Line Cinema and Flower Films production, the comedy is an adaptation of the best-selling nonfiction book by former "Sex and the City" writers Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. Story is said to use a comic question-and-answer format to teach women how to stop kidding themselves when men aren't interested while also involving a hard-line advice guy who falls for a woman that seeks him out because she can't figure out the men in her life.
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Rod Stewart to Marry Penny Lancaster on an Italian Island

April 03, 2007 04:50:10 GMT

Rod Stewart and fiancee Penny Lancaster are a romantic couple. The pair, who engaged at the top of the Eiffel Tower in early 2005, is planning to wed in mid-June on an Italian island.

Unlike his fellow celebrities Rod, however, would not have his third wedding in castle. The self-described Scottish rock singer reportedly telling friends, "I'm not doing a castle. Everyone does f*****g castles."
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Jennifer Lopez Is J.Lo No More

April 03, 2007 04:34:43 GMT

Jennifer Lopez has just found her identity. The pop singer has dropped her "J.Lo" moniker, telling Britain's The Guardian newspaper, "I'm not J.Lo any more."

"That's all gone with all the ridiculous stories about tantrums and Egyptian sheets. That's all my past," Lopez goes on saying. "I'm Jennifer Lopez. I think, as a woman, I've finally grown more sure of who I am. It does seem ironic that it has taken me more than a decade to basically get back to who I am."
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"Robinsons" Scores Digital 3-D Opening Record

April 03, 2007 04:27:45 GMT

Bringing bright light to the future of digital 3-D, Disney's latest CGI-animated adventure "Meet the Robinsons" has delightfully been proclaimed as the largest digital 3-D opening in history following its superb attempt to garner $7.1 million on only 581 3-D screens, president of Disney's Buena Vista Pictures Domestic Distribution Chuck Viane revealed yesterday, April 2, 2007.

The forty-sixth animated feature of Walt Disney Feature Animation (WDFA) production, the 3-D engagements of the flick amazingly contributed 28 percent of the movie's overall three-day total of 25.1 million, grossing 2.6 times more than the traditional or non 3-D versions.
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Heaven and Hell's Gig Put into Hard Copies

April 03, 2007 04:22:29 GMT

Following Heaven and Hell sold out gig in Radio City Music Hall on March 30, a CD and DVD version that documented the moments is going to hit the stores this fall.

The record will contain the live version of "The Devil Cried", "Shadow of the Wind", "After All (The Dead)", "The Mob Rules", "Children of the Sea", "Lady Evil", "I", "The Sign of the Southern Cross" and "Voodoo". There will also be the drum solo pieces from Vinny Appice plus the encore scores "Lonely Is the Word" and "Neon Knights".
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Danity Kane, in Effort of Sophomore Album

April 03, 2007 03:51:13 GMT

The "Making the Band 3" born group Danity Kane is currently in their hard work mode preparing for the sophomore album. Post the success of self-titled debut album in 2006 that went platinum, the quintet is in the weight of producing equal quality.

Aubrey O'Day spoke in an interview with Billboard that they are hitting the studios and that some of the stuffs are actually coming from the girls. This yet untitled project certainly put them in the test. The other member Dawn Angelique Richard said, "To me, this is the turning point. This determines whether or not you're legit."
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GQ List of Britain's Best Dressed Men

April 03, 2007 03:50:07 GMT

Becoming the latest actor to play James Bond in the super-spy series of movies is an achievement for Daniel Craig. Not only he earns public recognition and praise, but also some accolades. The latest the actor gets is that of GQ magazine's Britain's Best-Dressed Man.

"No Bond since Sean Connery has worn it better. It works because the 007 uniform seems like an upgrade of what Craig would naturally wear," writes the magazine. Craig is followed in the Best-Dressed list by David Cameron, the Leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition in the United Kingdom, who voted 2nd and film actor Clive Owen, who is 3rd.
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Madonna Dedicates New Children's Book to Malawian Adopted Son

April 03, 2007 03:23:30 GMT

Aside from her tight singing schedule, Madonna still has time to write. The pop superstar, who has written a number of children's stories, is having her experiences with Malawian adopted son David Banda as the material to write her next book.

"She adores David and wants to honor him by writing a boys' adventure with a moral lesson, " a source said adding that Madonna will make sure the book has a Kabbalahist moral message in line with her beliefs.
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More Details on Bjork's "Volta"

April 03, 2007 03:23:14 GMT

More details have been revealed in Bjork's upcoming album "Volta" including the list of tracks, the album's artwork and the first single release.

There will be 10 tracks in the album that is due May 8 via Atlantic Records and while it still keeps her trademark of using lots of instruments in her music, this time Bjork adds more human vocal to the contemplative songs. She pours her 'aggressiveness' in songs like "Earth Intruders," "Vertebrae by Vertebrae" and "Declare Independence", in the sense that they feature her high pitch tunes. Some of the songs are on the other hand, 'milder' like the self-explanatory "Hope", love song "Dull Flame of Desire" and also motherhood telling "My Juvenile".
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"Gromit" Has a New Role in HMV

April 03, 2007 03:09:15 GMT

Looks like the intelligent dog from "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" will have another job to do for some period of time apart from his 'acting stint.'

Yes, Gromit has been announced to be part of the famous logo of music firm HMV, serving as stand in for its iconic image Nipper the dog in supporting the company's promotion of children's DVDs at its stores for three months.
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Susan Sarandon and John Goodman to Accelerate Their "Speed"

April 03, 2007 03:08:01 GMT

One by one, roles in "Speed Racer" begin roll out for Hollywood names to take on. Following the inclusion of Emile Hirsch, Susan Sarandon and John Goodman are reportedly engaged in talks to also take part in the project, a live-action feature of the classic 1960s animated series created by Tatsuo Yoshida.

A Warner Bros. Pictures presentation in association with Village Roadshow Pictures of a Silver Pictures production, the flick depicts the adventures of the titular character, young race car driver, and his quest for glory in his thundering, gadget-laden vehicle Mach 5. Filming is set to begin this summer under the direction of brothers Larry and Andy Wachowski with Joel Silver producing.
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Screen Gems Stands on "Moral Grounds"

April 03, 2007 03:06:46 GMT

Putting a portion of attention to drama genre this time, Screen Gems is on the move to set up a film feature entitled "On Moral Grounds" at its pit, Variety has learned.

The second project from the company based on a real court case after "The Burial", pic will be made based on the 2006 documentary of the same name about a lawyer who took on a large insurance company for stiffing Holocaust survivors. It is reported that the studio will also distribute the original, which was directed and produced by Robby Kushner.
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Angelina Jolie Planning Fourth Adoption

April 03, 2007 02:59:43 GMT

When it comes to adoption, Angelina Jolie is mad about it. The actress who has just adopted Vietnamese son Pax Thien is planning to adopt yet another child right away, it has been reported.

Has also had a Cambodian son Maddox, Ethiopian daughter Zahara, and daughter Shiloh with her partner Brad Pitt, Jolie is said wants to adopt a girl from Chad to "balance the family".
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Pearl Jam Sets for Lollapalooza

April 03, 2007 02:34:13 GMT

US will not see Pearl Jam very often, as their scheduled performance so far is limited to only one. As previously reported, Pearl Jam will headline the Lollapalooza at Grant Park, Chicago on August 5. This has been confirmed by the band's Seattle website to be the only US date that the band will appear.

But before that, the band that had just released self-titled album in 2006 will travel across Europe as part of their UK tour. It will start on June 8 in Lisbon and continue up to three weeks. In April meanwhile, each of the members will be busy with their own schedules including Crohn's & Colitis Association benefit on April 7 and Jack Johnson's Kokua benefit on April 21-22.
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Mandy Moore Fractured Her Ankle During a Magazine Shoot

April 03, 2007 02:31:58 GMT

She's been sporting a walking cast on her right leg for the past few weeks, leads people to ask what happens. Speaking on her behalf, Mandy Moore's representative tells People the actress fractured her ankle after jumping from a boat during a cover shoot for June's 2007 issue of health and fitness magazine Self.

"It happened at the end of February in Mexico. It was for one of the setups for the spread where she had to jump into the water," the representative told the publication.