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March 07, 2007

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30 Seconds to Mars Minus One Member

March 07, 2007 10:12:54 GMT

Touring and jamming with the band 30 Seconds to Mars proves to be time consuming for band member Matt Wachter. The bassist has just announced his leave from the band due to lack of time spent with his family.
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S.R. Bindler Hooks Up with "Surfer, Dude"

March 07, 2007 10:01:26 GMT

Set to have his first fictional flick, S.R. Bindler has been tapped to direct comedy flick "Surfer, Dude", which has already had Matthew McConaughey onboard as the leadstar.
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Kevin Federline Goes Bald for Ex-Wife

March 07, 2007 09:47:28 GMT

Kevin Federline goes bald. Not without reason but the aspiring rapper wants to make public his support for estranged wife, the also bald Britney Spears.
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Fox Encounters Unusual "Happening"

March 07, 2007 09:31:09 GMT

A shaft of light is really shining down upon M. Night Shyamalan now as he finally makes his way to sell his spec script of "The Happening", previously known as "The Green Effect", to 20th Century Fox after shopping it around for awhile.
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Columbia and Will Smith Wrapping "Cooked" Meals

March 07, 2007 09:00:14 GMT

Strengthening their bond in producing films together, Columbia Pictures and Will Smith are about to develop a big screen adaptation of a novel by an inner-city drug dealer turned Vegas celebrity chef, which is likely to be another inspiring feature coming from them after "The Pursuit of Happyness."
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Bobby Gillespie Fills in the Gap for Jesus Mary Chain

March 07, 2007 08:17:27 GMT

The long separated member of Jesus Mary Chain, Bobby Gillespie is reported to rejoin the group in the band's comeback tour. The concert that will be held in Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in May will also mark the reunion of the members of Jesus Mary Chain since its break-up in 1999.
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"The Conexion Thalia Radio Show"

March 07, 2007 08:07:07 GMT

ABC Radio Networks announced Tuesday March 6th an exclusive agreement with Mexican pop star Thalia to produce and syndicate "The Conexion Thalia Radio Show," a two-hour weekly radio program starring the superstar.
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Universal Has Reason for Its "Unnatural Selection"

March 07, 2007 08:05:19 GMT

Seemingly aiming to draw in more female audience, Universal Pictures is on the move to develop a romantic comedy entitled "Unnatural Selection" of which script it has successfully purchased from new writer Cameron Fay, who also lands a deal that calls for him to direct.
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Heather Mills in Talks to Play Mary Poppins in the Hit Musical

March 07, 2007 07:35:02 GMT

She has had "Dancing With The Stars" in her list. And now Heather Mills is adding one more into her hectic schedules, playing in hit musical.
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Pierce Brosnan Exclaiming "Mamma Mia!"

March 07, 2007 07:16:43 GMT

Well, this sure will be one of the unusual acting stints Pierce Brosnan ever takes. The former James Bond has given positive sign to join Meryl Streep in "Mamma Mia!", the big screen adaptation of hit musical stage play of the same title.
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Cameron Diaz Spotted Kissing Tyrese Gibson

March 07, 2007 07:00:31 GMT

She's been into one arm to another. Cameron Diaz has been linked to numbers of famous males following her split from longtime boyfriend Justin Timberlake in January.
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Her Mystery New Man Makes Sheryl Crow the "Happiest She's Ever Been"

March 07, 2007 06:41:49 GMT

Lance Armstrong who? Sheryl Crow has had enough of her ex-boyfriend and already in a new relationship.
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Names Lining Up for the 2007 Green Apple Music & Arts Festival

March 07, 2007 06:38:19 GMT

Cultivating awareness of environmental issues through the unifying voice of music, the Green Apple Music & Arts Festival has delightfully constructed a long list of performers set to go onstage as it celebrates the Earth Day for the second time across three big cities of New York, Chicago and San Francisco on April 22, 2007.
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Tori Spelling and Hubby Dean McDermott Opened "Chateau La Rue"

March 07, 2007 06:17:12 GMT

The renovation is done already and the inn is opened for public. Chateau La Rue, named after Tori Spelling's pug dog Mimi La Rue, was opened Saturday March 3rd.
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Eminem Signs A New Business Deal

March 07, 2007 05:40:49 GMT

A business deal has been signed between Eminem and Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG). The label under the Universal Music has announced that Eminem's international administration will be taken care of under the new company.
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Lynyrd Skynyrd, Barenaked Ladies and Sister Hazel Get on Board

March 07, 2007 04:52:40 GMT

Three music groups, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Barenaked Ladies and Sister Hazel are signed to perform in the Atlanta-based cruise company Sixthman. Employing the alternative rock theme this time, the ship will set sail early next year.
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Ron Perlman "Standing" Still

March 07, 2007 04:50:34 GMT

Seems to have no shortage of offers, Ron Perlman has signed deals to both star in and executive produce a big screen feature titled "Standing Down", which will be developed under Big Screen Entertainment banner.
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Rapper LL Cool J in Negotiations to Endorse "Chapstick"

March 07, 2007 04:43:57 GMT

LL Cool J is expanding his career into the world of advertisement. The rapper is in talks to represent popular lip balm brand, Chapstick.
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U.S. Is Not "Spider-Man 3" First Destination

March 07, 2007 04:35:05 GMT

It appears that the hero will swing his webs elsewhere before jumping the U.S. skyscrapers.
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Linkin Park's "Minutes to Midnight" Will Hit the Stores Soon

March 07, 2007 03:52:06 GMT

Working hard for 14 months in the studio and writing more than 100 scores in preparation of the new album, Linkin Park is finally set to release "Minutes to Midnight" on May 15 in US and May 14 in other countries.
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McG Brings Spirit to "The Losers"

March 07, 2007 03:42:02 GMT

After letting go his chance to direct "Superman Returns", now McG seems to finally get a comic book property to helm. IESB.net has claimed that the Michigan-born filmmaker is taking over Peter Berg's seat as the director of "The Losers", a big screen adaptation of Vertigo/DC Comics of the same name.
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Rapper Jay-Z Sells Clothing Company "Rocawear" to Iconix Brand Group

March 07, 2007 03:34:21 GMT

Rapper mogul Jay-Z has entered into a deal to sell his clothing company "Rocawear" to Iconix Brand Group, a company that licenses and markets such popular brands as Candies, Joe Boxer, Mudd, London Fog, and Ocean Pacific among others, for $204 million in cash.
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Party Like A Celebrity at Kevin Federline's Private Birthday Bashes

March 07, 2007 03:10:34 GMT

His big day is coming and he wants it to be real BIG. Kevin Federline, who turns 29 on March 21st, has had a big plan in his head. The rapper wants his fans to come along and celebrate with him at his birthday parties!
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Heaven and Hell, Reunited in the 2007 Tour

March 07, 2007 02:38:38 GMT

For what is considered as the most anticipated rock tour in 2007, the announcement of Heaven and Hell's tour dates is undoubtedly great news to music fans especially in rock genre. Heaven and Hell as the Ronnie James Dio's version of Black Sabbath is reunited in this tour for the first time since 15 years ago. The band is finally hitting the road starting from March 11 in Vancouver.
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Abdul Williams Wins the "Lottery"

March 07, 2007 02:27:24 GMT

Building his screenwriting resume after being assigned to pen for "Welfare Queen", Abdul Williams is onboard to carry out writing duties in "Lottery Ticket" for Rogue Pictures which has successfully picked it up based on his treatment.
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Lauren Conrad Is Coming Out with Her Own Fashion Line

March 07, 2007 02:25:38 GMT

Has established her own style, the way she dresses does inspire young females to be as fashionable as her. With her becoming an inspiration in fashion, Lauren Conrad is now coming out with her own fashion line, which will be available in high-end boutiques, retail stores and online later this fall.
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Gabriele Muccino Blesses "Man and Wife"

March 07, 2007 02:22:08 GMT

Finally able to secure his next directorial effort, Italian filmmaker Gabriele Muccino has landed deals with Universal Pictures to direct its romantic drama feature "Man and Wife (2009)", which is slated to begin shooting this summer.
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Dimension Takes Notice on the "Runt"

March 07, 2007 02:21:02 GMT

Making a balance between its horror and comedy productions, Dimension Films has obtained rights to a comedy pitch entitled "Runt" to develop it at its pit, Variety had learned.