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February 10, 2007

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"Ghost Rider" Sequel in Talks to Be Made

February 10, 2007 08:41:13 GMT

Optimistic on the potentiality of "Ghost Rider" to create success in the market, producer Avi Arad has delivered delightful news for the fans of the superhero flick to cheer at. The man has announced at a press-event for the upcoming picture that that a sequel to the movie is now being in talks to be developed.
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Nicolas Cage Casts Spell on "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

February 10, 2007 08:10:55 GMT

Wonder to know what it'll look like if Disney's animated classic "Fantasia" is turned into a live-action flick? Soon we will see it for sure as Nicolas Cage is set to bring up "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" for the company.
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Last Movie of Anna Nicole Smith Facing Uncertainty on Release Date

February 10, 2007 07:37:25 GMT

The sudden death of former Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith sure has bring such great shock towards public as well as those involved in show business, including in film industry that the last movie she starred was cancelled to be screened this month.
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Winners Honored at the 27th Annual London Critics' Circle Film Awards

February 10, 2007 06:59:24 GMT

Maintains its effort to recognize the best in British and international film talent, London Film Critics' Circle smoothly handed out its ALFS Awards to a number of acclaimed titles and names Thursday, February 8 at the award ceremony held in aid of the NSPCC charity at London's Dorchester Hotel.
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Martin Scorsese and Graham King Yield to "The Young Victoria"

February 10, 2007 04:41:52 GMT

Apparently wanting to follow the recent critical success of both "The Queen" and "The Last King of Scotland", Martin Scorsese is re-teaming up with Initial Entertainment Group's Graham King to produce "The Young Victoria", a biographical feature of Queen Victoria, who was also the first Empress of India during her reign in British Empire.
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The Hollaback Girl Is Ready to Have Another Baby

February 10, 2007 03:48:49 GMT

Gwen Stefani has no doubt at all about having another baby.
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"Saw" Crew Running "The Genetic Opera"

February 10, 2007 03:44:08 GMT

It sure will be a helluva big reunion at Lionsgate. Variety has reported that the studio is calling back the team behind "Saw" series to once again join forces for futuristic clone-age fantasy "Repo! The Genetic Opera" which is aimed to be brought up for under $25 million.
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David Spade and Chris Rock Laughing at Columbia

February 10, 2007 03:17:43 GMT

Setting up another comedy in its pit, Columbia has struck a deal to make an untitled flick of the genre as a starring vehicle for David Spade and Chris Rock, Variety has reported.
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Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler Officially Over

February 10, 2007 03:12:20 GMT

Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler officially over, it has been confirmed. Dvora Vener, publicist for Adler's band, Whitestarr, tells People "They have parted ways to concentrate on their careers."
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Stars Spotting "Fireflies in the Garden"

February 10, 2007 03:11:55 GMT

Well, here comes another film feature set to be noted for its starry cast as it has successfully rounded out big names of Julia Roberts, Carrie-Anne Moss, Ryan Reynolds, and Emily Watson in the lineup.
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Sony Aims "Metal Gear Solid"

February 10, 2007 03:07:26 GMT

Aiming to spark more videogame-based movies after "Resident Evil" franchise, Sony Pictures is about to make "Metal Gear Solid ", a live-action adaptation of the Konami's hit videogame franchise, the company itself has confirmed through vice chairman Yair Landau.
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John Cusack and Hilary Duff Are Walking the "Dog"

February 10, 2007 02:35:27 GMT

Making an express move to extend their onscreen collaboration after that in the upcoming "Brand Hauser: Stuff Happens", John Cusack and Hilary Duff will both come together again in a big screen project entitled "Talking with Dog", Moviehole has revealed.
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William H. Macy Will "Keep Coming Back"

February 10, 2007 02:18:46 GMT

Finally able to slip behind the camera, William H. Macy is set to make his feature directorial debut in "Keep Coming Back", which ContentFilm has secured for international sales.
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Alan Arkin Stands Under the "Sunshine"

February 10, 2007 02:17:16 GMT

It's another 'Sunshine' for Alan Arkin. The Oscar-nominated "Little Miss Sunshine" star has been picked up for a role in indie flick "Sunshine Cleaning", a production of Big Beach Films where "Little" was also produced.
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It Costs $3 Million to Get Cameron Diaz Appearing in A Phone Ad

February 10, 2007 02:04:25 GMT

It will cost you expensive to get Cameron Diaz promoting your product. The actress reportedly has collected a $3 million paycheck for appearing in a commercial for a Japanese cell phone company.
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Dimension Films Is "Buried Alive"

February 10, 2007 02:01:59 GMT

Known to take special interest in horror films, Dimension Films has satisfyingly obtained to rights to "Buried Alive", a new work of the genre coming from F/X maven Robert Kurtzman, who also handles the make-up and special effects for the movie.
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More Becoming "The Horsemen"

February 10, 2007 01:56:38 GMT

Filling up the remaining roles, Patrick Fugit, Lou Taylor Pucci, Barry Shabaka Henley, Neal McDonough, and Peter Stormare are all positive to star in crime thriller "The Horsemen", joining Dennis Quaid, Zhang Ziyi, and Clifton Collins Jr. in the cast.
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Warner Bros. to Hire "Spies Like Us"

February 10, 2007 01:54:45 GMT

The flow of movie remake is working its way in Warner Bros. Pictures this time. Moviehole has reported that the giant company is aiming to develop "Spies Like Us", a remake of John Landis' 1985 comedy of the same title.
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Natalie Portman Has an Eye on Directing

February 10, 2007 01:50:10 GMT

Looking for a perfect vehicle to start her foray into directing field, Natalie Portman has shown her interest in helming a big screen adaptation of Israeli writer Amos Oz's internationally acclaimed autobiography "A Tale of Love and Darkness."