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July 05, 2006

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"They're So Happy", Vanessa Minnillo & Nick Lachey

July 05, 2006 06:45:40 GMT

Laugh, that's what Vanessa Minnillo does when she was faced to reports saying her freshly divorced new boyfriend Nick Lachey is still pining for ex wife Jessica Simpson.
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"There's No Way Jessica Sutta'd Date James Blunt"

July 05, 2006 06:21:34 GMT

Jessica Sutta of The Pussycat Dolls finally laid the rumors to rest and has confirmed that there's nothing between her and singer James Blunt and so untrue the recent rumors claiming she's dating the pop singer.
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Keira Knightley Inisits She Does Not Have An Eating Disorder

July 05, 2006 05:57:38 GMT

She does admit that her family has a history of anorexia, but on the other way around insists she does not have an eating disorder.
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Cruise Sent Good Luck Message to Nicole on Her Wedding Day

July 05, 2006 04:45:50 GMT

They are no longer husband-and-wife, but Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman remain good friends. It is apparent to everyone as Kidman did invite the actor on her wedding day, while the hunk himself sent a good luck message to the actress the day she had her marriage with Keith Urban.
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Kate & Orlando's Relationship Is Stronger than Ever

July 05, 2006 04:22:53 GMT

We call it "blessing in disguise", but as for Kate Bosworth she has her own words to describe her relationship with boyfriend Orlando Bloom. The actress has revealed that she and Bloom have come through a tough spot to emerge stronger then ever.
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Kidman, Urban Wedding Pics Not Be Up to Snuff for Donations

July 05, 2006 03:29:13 GMT

Newlyweds Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban maybe want to make it good with their wedding photos when they released one of their June 25 nuptial to the world's media in exchange for a charitable donation. Unfortunately, the fact works just the opposite, their exclusive wedding pictures fail to produce donations.
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Lindsay Lohan Has A Crush on A Mystery British Man

July 05, 2006 02:58:32 GMT

The has just-turned 20 years old actress Lindsay Lohan is falling in love. The beauty has revealed she has a crush on a famous London guy, but won't reveal who he is.
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A Baby Playdate for Kingston & Shiloh

July 05, 2006 02:34:33 GMT

The long fourth of July holiday weekend makes it possible for such celebrities as Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie to have a break from their hectic schedules. The two celebrities and their husbands, Brad Pitt and Gavin Rossdale, got together on Sunday July 2nd at Brangelina's Santa Barbara home for a baby playdate.