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June 20, 2006

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"Poseidon" Star Is Sneaking into David Smart's Life

June 20, 2006 09:25:56 GMT

Following his last role as John Dylan in "Poseidon", Josh Lucas is ready to act for an upcoming new biopic movie plan, "Smart", telling the story about the eccentric David Smart, the founder of GQ and Esquire magazine.
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Nicole & Keith Get the Paparazzi A Case of Beer

June 20, 2006 09:24:06 GMT

The paparazzi camped outside Nicole Kidman's Sidney home on Tuesday June 20th, 2006 get a slight surprise from the actress and her soon-to-be husband Keith Urban, a case of beer and water bottles.
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Joaquin Phoenix Is Walking Towards the New Dogs Bill

June 20, 2006 08:50:02 GMT

There is one thing that Pamela Anderson and "Walk the Line"- star, Joaquin Phoenix, might have in common. Both of them recently have shown a sound involvement by taking part in the activities held by People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA). Anderson might pose some strip actions more to deliver the non-fur message. The actor who performed Johnny Cash signed up a heart-throbbing letter addressed to every top California politician in a support-request for the new bill.
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Audioslave Bring to Public Their "Revelations"

June 20, 2006 08:20:36 GMT

The Grammy-nominated quartet, Audioslave will bring their "Revelations" to public September 5 later this year via Epic.
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Star Wars' Binks Beats Human Out in the Most Irritating Ones

June 20, 2006 07:41:46 GMT

George Lucas' Jar Jar Binks of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" comes out as the winner as the most irritating film character on earth, ever. The result is based on a poll from approximately 5,000 movie fans who voted through a UK website LoveFilm.com.
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Bullock Is Still Uniting

June 20, 2006 07:07:00 GMT

Shania Twain singing the hit single "You're Still the One" sounds the perfect theme song for the recently released "The Lake House" actress, Sandra Bullock and her husband, Jesse James. They are celebrating their first wedding anniversary in the coming July.
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Strip Naked in Shop Window, Pamela's Anti-Fur Protest

June 20, 2006 06:59:04 GMT

Actress of many ideas, that is Pamela Anderson. The Hollywood sexy actress is going to pose naked in the window of designer Stella McCartney's London store for the sake of animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
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Kylie First Talk Upon Breast Cancer Diagnosis

June 20, 2006 06:15:42 GMT

After Angelina Jolie comes up in her first interview ever after having baby daughter Shiloh, now coming Kylie Minogue's turn to have her first ever interview since being diagnosed with breast cancer last year.
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The Truth of Kate Moss Remains Hidden

June 20, 2006 06:14:50 GMT

An autobiography is a sound idea to be the mark and moment of returning from any given devastation. That what seemed to be hanging in the super-model's minds, Kate Moss during her downs because of the drug scandal.
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The Shutterbug Receives Bruce Willis' Punch Back

June 20, 2006 05:39:52 GMT

The time for the hero in "Die Hard", Bruce Willis to pose some actions has come. After the Los Angeles police received a report for an alleged assault from Anthony Goodrich, a photographer, the movie star has filled for a new lawsuit striking back the shutterbug.
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Britney's Ex-Security Must Settle Claims Through Arbitration

June 20, 2006 05:13:22 GMT

Silas Dukes, Lonnie DeShawn Jones and Randy Jones, the three former bodyguards of Britney Spears, were told Monday June 19th, 2006 by judge to settle their claims through arbitration. Back then in May early this year, the threesome filed a suit against the pop superstar, claiming she never gave them overtime compensation and their final paychecks after being fired November 30, 2005.
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Justin Timberlake Is Back, Ready to Release New Album

June 20, 2006 04:19:52 GMT

Justin Timberlake is back to the industry and on top of that he's ready to release his new album.
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The Winner Goes to "Syriana"!

June 20, 2006 04:07:29 GMT

The verdict of plagiarism on the movie by Warner Bros., "Syriana", dragging the Hollywood star, George Clooney, and producer-actor Steven Soderbergh's Section Eight in the middle of fire, has finally had the winner.
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Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy Do Dating

June 20, 2006 03:41:51 GMT

It's official. Hollywood's most kept secret is no longer an unconfirmed speculation, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are dating.
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Ephron to Direct the New Juvenile Novel-Based "Flipped"

June 20, 2006 03:27:21 GMT

Bewitched's screenplay writer, Nora Ephron turns over to direct the adopted young-adult novel by Wendelin Van Draanen for the silver screen, "Flipped".
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Nicole Kidman Does Hint at Her Nuptials with Urban

June 20, 2006 02:59:38 GMT

Bingo. They finally hint at their impending nuptials. "We are very happy to be back in Australia. We have come home to celebrate our wedding with our family and friends," Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban said in a statement issued by the actress' publicist in Sidney.
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It's A Baby Girl for Shue & Guggenheim

June 20, 2006 02:42:59 GMT

Oscar-nominated actress Elisabeth Shue feels her life even more complete when she on Sunday June 18th, 2006 gave birth to a baby girl.
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Brangelina and Another Adoption Plan?

June 20, 2006 02:29:01 GMT

Not only the revealing of the frightening laboring experience and Shiloh tidbits, Angelina Jolie stated her recurrent interest. In the Anderson Cooper 360, Jolie exhaled her wishes to adopt another baby, as the fourth child, after the newly born Shiloh.
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The Other Man in Paris' Life

June 20, 2006 02:26:20 GMT

Single again? That doesn't work for Paris Hilton. Has just said the she's enjoying her being single, the socialite was over the weekend spotted quite friendly with a new man.
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"That's A Surprise," Beckinsale Marriage Is Okay

June 20, 2006 02:00:33 GMT

As if they would likely to rubbish the rumors on the street saying their marriage is on rocks, Kate Beckinsale and husband Len Wiseman show off their romance publicly. The husband-and-wife was spotted having their time together went out for a long day of lunching, shopping, holding hands, and arm clutching.