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November 02, 2005

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Cruise Nabbed Diamond Meritorious Award

November 02, 2005 05:06:12 GMT

Tom Cruise really is a generous person. The actor has nabbed the Diamond Meritorious Award for the 2million donation he makes to the Church of Scientology. Apparently he also is a loyal Scientologist.
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Gabrielle & Husband Failed Union

November 02, 2005 04:49:26 GMT

Gabrielle Union and husband Chris Howard call it quit after four years of marriage. The couple announced the split in a statement released Monday by Lisa Kussell, the actress' publicist.
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Aussie Actor Heath Ledger A Daddy for the 1st Time

November 02, 2005 04:27:08 GMT

Aussie actor Heath Ledger is a dad for the first time when fiancee Michelle Williams gave birth to their very first child on Friday. It's a daughter and she's named Matilda Rose Ledger. Details on the baby's vital statistic remained undisclosed.
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Celebrated Silent Hill

November 02, 2005 04:13:03 GMT

Let's hope the movie premiere won't be as silent as the hill. Titled "Silent Hill" the horror thriller surely is frightening. It is based on the Konami game, in which Rose desperately searches for her lost daughter in the mysterious, terrifying town of Silent Hill, where they are trapped.
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Paramount & Darren Team Up in Black Flies

November 02, 2005 03:57:07 GMT

Paramount Pictures is preparing the things related with "Black Flies." The studio is in talks with Darren Aronofsky to direct the Shannon Burke novel, with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Eric Watson, Aronofsky's partner in Protozoa, to direct.
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Steve Miner Facing Day of the Dead

November 02, 2005 03:46:03 GMT

Steve Miner bravely facing "Day of the Dead." It's none other than the Millennium Films and Emmett/Furla Films remake of George Romero's 1985 zombie film. Miner has been set to direct the drama horror thriller, which script was written by Jeffrey Reddick.
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Jamie Lee Curtis Quits Career

November 02, 2005 03:33:04 GMT

It's her mothering role that becomes the most important thing in her life, not her career anyway. Hollywood babe Jamie Lee Curtis has realized that as she, during an interview with "Access Hollywood," revealed that she "doesn't accept acting work anymore," saying her life is "so filled with my children, my family and the charitable work I do."
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People En Espanol's 'Star of the Year' Is Paulina

November 02, 2005 03:15:36 GMT

People En Espanol's 'Star of the Year' is the 'golden girl' Paulina Rubio. The Mexican pop star bests finalists Daddy Yankee, Shakira, Juanes and Barbara Mori, to be on the cover of the magazine's latest issue, on newsstands Monday.
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Mr. Smith Involved with Global Health

November 02, 2005 02:59:02 GMT

The actor famous for his portrayal in many movies won't do another new flick for now. Brad Pitt is involving himself with global health, narrating six hour-long episodes of "RX for Survival: A Global Health Challenge." Starting Tuesday night on PBS and ending Thursday, the series follow health-care workers and researchers struggling to contain disease among the poor.
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Baldwin Vs Basinger

November 02, 2005 02:36:39 GMT

It's a pity that the former couple, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, has to end their sweet memories in the court over a custody battle. They, who used to love each other and got married on Aug. 19, 1993, now facing one another to win the custody of their only daughter Ireland Eliesse.
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Batman Begins Named the Favourite Movie of 2005

November 02, 2005 02:09:42 GMT

Time goes by but still fans like 'Batman' the most. Apparently, nearly 15,000 film fans voted the action flick, tentatively titled "Batman Begins," as the Favorite Movie of 2005. Securing the top spot of the poll held by Total Film magazine, 'Batman' beats the like of "Sin City" and "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith." The magazine's deputy editor claims 'Batman' as "a smart but funny reinvention" and "excellently directed."