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October 15, 2005

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Paris & Nicole Reconcile?!

October 15, 2005 06:48:51 GMT

Blonde beauty Paris Hilton has and could easily get everything she wants, but not with best friend. She's lost one and it's sad to say that since then her life messed up. It is yet too late to put things back in order. Thus, the socialite realized the meaning of a best friend in her life.
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More on the "Break Up" Partner

October 15, 2005 06:33:13 GMT

What's new from Jennifer Aniston following her legal divorce? The Hollywood babe is reported to get even more serious with "The Beak Up" co-star Vince Vaughn. Recent report mentioned both of them were spotted together kissing and cuddling during a party.
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Jean & Jones Do a Charity Track

October 15, 2005 06:18:27 GMT

Singer Wyclef Jean teams up with Norah Jones co-wrote the lyrics for the song to benefit America's hurricane relief efforts. Titled "Any Other Day" the single includes the lines: "I see the airplane. I hear the engine on the boat. But you all can't see me waving the flag. Somebody please wave the flag."
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Aguilera: Coca Cola? No. Pepsi? Yes

October 15, 2005 04:42:19 GMT

Don't offer or ask her to drink Coca Cola coz she would certainly refuse it. Give her Pepsi and she'll drink it. Christina Aguilera is a different individual now. She has everything different from what she used to be, one the most apparent is her taste for soft drink. The singer has said NO to Coca Cola and YES to Pepsi.
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Griffith + Banderas = Perfect

October 15, 2005 04:18:34 GMT

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas is a match couple. They work in the same field and able to partnering well. They're just a great husband and wife. It's so perfect and nothing more to say about them.
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Jenn & Benn to Quit Hollywood for Child

October 15, 2005 04:00:45 GMT

The soon-parenting couple, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, is said to quit their career and focus more on their soon to be born child. They are reportedly planning to quit Hollywood and raise their child on a sprawling estate in New York's upscale Westchester County.
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Seagal Recording a New Album

October 15, 2005 03:40:26 GMT

The action man is softened. He's revealing a part of him that has nothing to do with violence. Best known for his unique style of fighting in many action flicks, Steven Seagal still has a heart anyway.
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$6.4 Million for Eric Clapton Autobiography

October 15, 2005 03:21:57 GMT

The agreement is reached and the deal is inked. Okay is the word that marks the beginning of Eric Clapton's 'life story.' The British guitarist and composer finally decided to write an autobiography and sell it to Random House publisher for $6.4 million. Inside, he will reveal all, beginning from every aspect of his personal and musical odyssey to addressing everything that is known and much that is not.
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And the Next Bond Is Craig

October 15, 2005 03:05:31 GMT

It's him, yes it's Daniel Craig. The English actor has been chosen as the next 007 agent James Bond. He's been chosen to replace Pierce Brosnan and successfully beat off competition from Clive Owen, Hugh Jackman and unknown actor Henry Cavill to be the first blond Bond.
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Paris' Another Trouble

October 15, 2005 02:43:06 GMT

Don't know what is happening with her that things seem to go wrong. She breaks her engagement with her fiance, that's the beginning of her "bad luck." Then, Fox cancels her reality show. Just now Paris Hilton reportedly is caught up in paparazzi fight outside Los Angeles hotspot Mood on Wednesday night.