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June 18, 2005

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Thornton & Pitt Land for "Peace"

June 18, 2005 04:16:13 GMT

Actor Billy Bob Thornton has signed to star in a feature film adaptation of "Peace Like a River," a Warner Bros. project on which Brad Pitt will serve as a producer. The movie, which is based on the book by Leif Enger, tells a tale of loyalty and revenge that revolves around an American family that gets into a deadly spat with some neighborhood thugs.
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Heartbroken Wonder's Generosity

June 18, 2005 03:44:29 GMT

Was heartbroken with the June 12 blaze in the city's Kensington neighborhood that killed 5 children: Summer Cooke, 5; Samantha Bowers, 4; Sabrina Dickson, 22 months; Amber Johnson, 3; and Reginald Ringgold, 1, Stevie Wonder is planning to visit those children's family besides arranging to pay their funeral expenses. Ira Tucker, the musician publicist, said "Stevie feels good about this. It's been just a heart-wrenching thing."
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Latifah's Problematic Space Rent

June 18, 2005 03:29:54 GMT

Queen Latifah is reportedly failed to pay rent on her company Ghettoworks Inc's office space since November. It's also mentioned that the company has involved in a legal wrangle with her landlords over the 6,000 square-foot office space in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. In relation with it, a source told gossip site Pagesix.Com, "Her bill paying is the worst but the past five years of behavior has not been good. They're in litigation with her right now." The property owner David Raindorf, in contrast, refused to comment about that.
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Sex Pistols' Most Punk Singer

June 18, 2005 03:09:16 GMT

Who is today's "most punk" star ever? The answer is John Lydon of Sex pistols. The poll of listeners to Britain's Radio 1, the BBC's pop and rock station, has placed the singer on the top list surpassing the second Joe Strummer and the third who is Hunter S. Thompson.
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"Material Girl" to Do A Sequel

June 18, 2005 02:49:49 GMT

"Lotsa de Casha," is supposed to be Madonna's last book to be released. Yet, the star seems to part ways from retirement. She has in nowadays written a sequel about the tween girls who starred in her first book, "The English Roses," which illustrations are under way. In the book, slated for a September 2006 release, Madonna revolves the story of young girls who are jealous of a beautiful yet insecure classmate.
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Wanted: Cassidy

June 18, 2005 02:35:32 GMT

Rapper Cassidy has turned himself in to authorities Friday in relation with April shooting in Philadelphia. According to police, Cassidy was alleged as one of three men who fired repeatedly into a car parked in a driveway that killed one man named Desmond Hawkins and injured two others, Daniel Irvin and Bobby Hoyle.
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Cruise & Holmes Engaged

June 18, 2005 02:21:27 GMT

Come what may, love is worth everything you pay. This motto may work to the hot couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who both decided to go on continuing their romance no matter what people say about that.