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March 30, 2005

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Crystal & Cumming Awarded GLAAD Awards

March 30, 2005 04:41:26 GMT

Comedian Billy Crystal got one at the 16th Annual Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards held on March 28, 2005 for his 1977 gay history playing Jodie Dallas of the ABC satire "Soap."
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Scarlett Johansson Hurt on Film Set

March 30, 2005 04:18:44 GMT

Sexy actress Scarlett Johansson is suffered from crippling shin-splints during the filming of her latest movie "The Island", which demands her to cope with the extremely tiring physical work she couldn't cope indeed.
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Koizumi Invites Gere to Dance

March 30, 2005 04:06:24 GMT

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi asked Richard Gere; "Shall we dance?" when the actor is in Japan to promote his latest film, the Hollywood remake of the Japanese box-office hit "Shall We Dance." And so Gere insisted to be the man before they twirled for a few seconds in Koizumi's office.
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Bloom to Be Young 007 Agent ???

March 30, 2005 03:50:33 GMT

"The Pirates Of The Caribbean" actor Orlando Bloom has confirmed his recent negotiations to play in "Young 007" and said his interest to the movie idea, which he said far more adventurous and can give him 'space' to do more stunts. "This is as near as I think I will get to playing the grown up James for the next 20 years," he adds.
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"American Psycho" Turns Out to be Dad

March 30, 2005 03:36:30 GMT

"American Psycho" star Christian Bale is thrilled after his wife Sibi gave birth to his first, yet-unnamed daughter, on Sunday night March 27, 2005 at the Santa Monica hospital in California. Bale, who tried to keep his wife pregnancy secret, could not hide his excitement of becoming a father that he was eager to spread the news soon after the baby was born.
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Master P and Brothers' Lawsuit

March 30, 2005 03:09:27 GMT

Two months after they were both arrested, rapper Master P and his brother Vyshonn King Miller were charged Monday March 27, 2005 with carrying unregistered loaded guns. Police patrolling the University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles, firstly stopped the car driven by Vyshonn because it did not have license plates.
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Applegate's Sweet Charity Reopened

March 30, 2005 02:44:30 GMT

Christina Applegate's "Sweet Charity" which recently been canceled due to the poor ticket sales, will reopen on Broadway this spring, two weeks late than its original schedule. The show producer Barry Weissler said Tuesday that he had re-hired Walter Bobbie's production, taken the sets out of storage, and prepared the show for an April 12 first preview and a May 4 opening.
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Bullock Received Hollywood's Walk of Fame

March 30, 2005 02:31:11 GMT

The 40-year-old Sandra Bullock is so excited when she was granted a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on March 24, 2005. Bullock says that since receiving the honor, she is determined to "turn legitimate."