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March 09, 2005

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Virgin Mary in Gibson's Next Movie

March 09, 2005 04:36:25 GMT

Mel Gibson is now working on the follow-up movie to "The Passion of the Christ" that will tell about the experience of three children, Lucia Dos Santos and her cousins, Francisco and Jacinta, all of whom claimed the Virgin Mary appeared to them in a vision in Fatima, Portugal, a place she predicted World War II, turmoil in Russia and a Pope being shot.
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Bullock Denies Marriage Reports

March 09, 2005 04:03:00 GMT

Actress Sandra Bullock denies reports saying she's planning to marry her producer boyfriend Jesse James. Though James was reported to have proposed her, still marriage isn't everything for Bullock who insists marriage isn't a priority for her.
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Jolie Helps Aiding Refugees

March 09, 2005 03:21:46 GMT

In an effort promoting people of Washington to help refugee, the Oscar winning actress Angelina Jolie has given more than $3 million, including $500,000 to help finance an organization that will provide free legal aid to the thousands of children who arrive alone to the United States each year as refugees and immigrants.
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Carter's Self Defense Over DUI Charges

March 09, 2005 03:07:06 GMT

Soon after his detention on suspicion of drunk driving in Huntington Beach, California on Saturday night, Nick Carter relesed a statement pointing his doctor-recommend as the one responsible for his running-in with the law.
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Spears is Set for a Sexy Magazine Photo Spread

March 09, 2005 02:44:12 GMT

Britney Spears is set to appear topless, wearing just a necklace gift from husband Kevin Federline on the upcoming cover of US fashion magazine Allure. Additionally, she will also reveal her six-month marriage life, especially how she feels about it.
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Vin Diesel's Pacifier Tops Box Office

March 09, 2005 02:22:05 GMT

Vin Diesel's new comedy hit "The Pacifier" about a NAVY Seal turned babysitter has hit this weekend box office grossing $30.6 million well ahead of Travolta's much-hyped "Get Shorty" sequel "Be Cool" which earned $23.5 million.