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March 03, 2005

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Kobe Bryant's Secret Deal with his Rape Accuser

March 03, 2005 04:30:47 GMT

Los Angeles Lakers player, Kobe Bryant has reportedly struck a secret deal with a female hotel employee works in a Colorado mountain resort, who accused him for sexual assault he'd done during his vacation there in June 2003.
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Denise Richards Filed for Divorce from Sheen

March 03, 2005 04:13:48 GMT

The now six-month pregnant actress Denise Richards has filed for divorce from his husband of three years actor Charlie Sheen. Citing irreconcilable differences for the split, Richards wants custody of their daughter, Sam, who turns one next week and the one she's going to deliver in early June 2005. Besides, the actress also seek spousal support payments from Sheen, who hasn't yet comment on it.
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Man on God's Mission Accused of Stalking Mel

March 03, 2005 03:34:25 GMT

A homeless man named Sinclair has been accused of stalking actor Mel Gibson. Believing God had sent him to pray with the actor, Sinclair began writing letters to him last July. Gibson's security chief, Jerry McKay, testified that Sinclair sent Gibson 12 letters in which he said God had sent him to California to pray with him and he also wrote in his letter that he had spent over two years in jail in Idaho for stalking a mentally ill woman.
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The Jealous Diaz

March 03, 2005 03:16:25 GMT

Actress Cameron Diaz has been so furious in knowing the fact that her lover Justin Timberlake still continually phoning his ex Britney Spears, despite the fact that she has told him to stop calling her for nearly two years.
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Nelly Concert Cancelled by Ministers

March 03, 2005 02:43:11 GMT

Rap singer Nelly's performance at Arkansas State University on March 12, 2005 has been protested by ministers from 20 churches, who band to utter their objection on her negative message songs to be delivered in their town. Rev. Adrian Rodgers of the Fullness of Joy Church frankly says those ministers' need to act against the concert soon as they learn some bad and dirty lyrics include in Nelly's songs.
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Portman Expresses Regret for Western Wall Kissing

March 03, 2005 02:18:11 GMT

Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman has realized her Western Wall kissing scene with co-star Aki Avni during the filming of their new movie Free Zone was an unfortunate mistake and she feels sory about that. In a statement released on Monday, Portman admits that she doesn't want to intentionally offend other's beliefs nor she wants to impose anything on anyone.