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February 04, 2005

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Cosby Drugged Ex- Wife for Sex

February 04, 2005 04:09:43 GMT

Cosby's latest sexual scandal with a Canadian woman at his home in January 2004 which then resulted in a lawsuit hasn't surprised his ex-wife at all, for he also once did it to her.
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Vin Diesel Gains Weight

February 04, 2005 03:43:50 GMT

Vin Diesel has to pay a lot for the next role he plays in the upcoming drama Find Me Guilty where he portrays as a gangster and for which he has to develop "a gut" for the role.
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Eric Clapton is a Father Again

February 04, 2005 03:13:38 GMT

February 1, 2005 might become the happiest moment for Eric Clapton who at his 59 age has becoming a father again. That day Clapton welcomed his third children with his 29 year old wife, Melia McEnery who gave birth to their baby in London.
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Lindsay Lohan is Sued Over Car Accident

February 04, 2005 02:46:34 GMT

Two Los Angeles residents, Eddie Pamilton and Ilex Harris filed their Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit accusing Lindsay Lohan for personal injury she brought them in a car accident happened on August 3, 2004 on Laurel Canyon Boulevard.
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J.Lo and Marc Anthony at Grammys

February 04, 2005 02:24:11 GMT

Jennifer lopez and her "new" husband, Marc Anthony will for the first time sing their first duet at the Grammys which is held on February 13, 2005. There hasn't any announcement given by the Recording Academy about the song the newlyweds wil sing, yet they may sing a song taken from J.Lo new album entiltled Rebirth which will be released on March 1, 2005.