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Made in Japan (Deluxe Edition Box Set) : Deep Purple

Made in Japan (Deluxe Edition Box Set)
Artist : Deep Purple
Genre : Rock
Label : Rhino
Release Date : May 27, 2014


1Highway Star (Live Osaka 15th August 1972)
2Smoke on the Water (Live Osaka 15th August 1972)
3Child in Time (Live Osaka 15th August 1972)
4The Mule (Drum Solo) [Live Osaka 15th August 1972]
5Strange Kind of Woman (Live Osaka 15th August 1972)
6Lazy (Live Osaka 15th August 1972)
7Space Truckin' (Live Osaka 15th August 1972)
8Highway Star (Live Osaka 16th August 1972)
9Smoke on the Water (Live Osaka 16th August 1972)
10Child in Time (Live Osaka 16th August 1972)
11The Mule (Drum Solo) [Live Osaka 16th August 1972]
12Strange Kind of Woman (Live Osaka 16th August 1972)
13Lazy (Live Osaka 16th August 1972)
14Space Truckin' (Live Osaka 16th August 1972)
15Highway Star (Live Tokyo 17th August 1972)
16Smoke on the Water (Live Tokyo 17th August 1972)
17Child in Time (Live Tokyo 17th August 1972)
18The Mule (Drum Solo) [Live Tokyo 17th August 1972]
19Strange Kind of Woman (Live Tokyo 17th August 1972)
20Lazy (Live Tokyo 17th August 1972)
21Space Truckin' (Live Tokyo 17th August 1972)
22Black Night (Osaka, August 15, 1972)
23Speed King (Osaka, August 15, 1972)
24Black Night (Osaka, August 16, 1972)
25Lucille (Osaka, August 16, 1972)
26Black Night (Tokyo, August 17, 1972)
27Speed King (Osaka, August 17, 1972)
28Made in Japan - The Rise of Deep Purple MK II (DVD)
29Smoke on the Water (Official Clip) [DVD]
30The Revolution (DVD)
31Germany 1972 (Small documentary piece from Boblingen Sporthalle Stuttgart 10th February 1972) [DVD]
32Smoke On the Water (Live clip from Hoftsra University 29th May 1973) [DVD]

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