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Ten [Deluxe Edition] : Girls Aloud

Ten [Deluxe Edition]
Artist : Girls Aloud
Genre : R&B
Label : Fascination
Release Date : November 26, 2012


1Watch Something New Video Something New
2Watch The Promise Video The Promise
3Watch The Loving Kind Video The Loving Kind
4Watch Untouchable Video Untouchable
5Watch Sexy! No No No... Video Sexy! No No No...
6Watch Call the Shots Video Call the Shots
7Watch Can't Speak French Video Can't Speak French
8Watch Something Kinda Ooooh Video Something Kinda Ooooh
9Watch Biology Video Biology
10Watch The Show Video The Show
11Watch Love Machine Video Love Machine
12Watch I'll Stand By You Video I'll Stand By You
13Watch Jump Video Jump
14Watch No Good Advice Video No Good Advice
15Watch Sound of the Underground Video Sound of the Underground
16On the Metro
17Watch Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me Video Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me
18Every Now and Then
19Graffiti My Soul
20Watch Wake Me Up Video Wake Me Up
21Wild Horses
22Swinging London Town
23Watch Whole Lotta History Video Whole Lotta History
24Crazy Fool
25Girl Overboard
26Black Jacks
27Hoxton Heroes
28Memory of You