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Girls Aloud - The Promise

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I love themm omg os much

posted by FanLOve on Apr 09, 2009

love theeeeeem

posted by ioanbent on Mar 11, 2009

i love girls aloud

posted by Shannon Simpson on Jan 03, 2009

girls aloud are the best i love Cheryl the bst

posted by keel on Jan 03, 2009

I love cheryl cole

posted by cccc on Dec 25, 2008

i do not like girls aloud as a rule, as i think that they are a bit self indulgant. but i have really enjoyed this song and listened to it many times it's the classiest thing that htey have done. if they went for class instead of the teasing, and music porn, then they would be a different class and be set apart from all the other female bands who do exactly the same thing. this video is classy too, not too much flesh on show, it liked it.

posted by Paul on Oct 21, 2008

I love ciaras videos

posted by Ciara on Sep 27, 2008


posted by TES on Sep 26, 2008