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Strange Euphoria : Heart

Strange Euphoria
Artist : Heart
Genre : Rock
Label : Sony Legacy
Release Date : June 05, 2012


1Through Eyes and Glass
2Magic Man (demo)
3How Deep It Goes (demo)
4Crazy on You (demo)
5Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) + Dreamboat Annie Reprise (edit)
6Watch Love Alive Video Love Alive
7Sylvan Song
8Dream of the Archer
9White Lightning and Wine (Live at the Aquarius)
10Barracuda (live from BBC Radio Concert)
11Watch Little Queen Video Little Queen
12Kick It Out
13Here Song (demo)
14Heartless (demo)
15Dog & Butterfly (acoustic demo)
16Straight On
17Nada One
18Bebe le Strange
19Silver Wheels II
20Watch Even It Up Video Even It Up
21Sweet Darlin'
22Watch City's Burning Video City's Burning
24Love Mistake
25Lucky Day (demo)
26Never (live, with John Paul Jones)
27Watch These Dreams Video These Dreams
28Nobody Home
29Watch Alone Video Alone
30Wait for an Answer
31Unconditional Love (demo)
32High Romance (demo)
33Under the Sky (demo)
34Desire Walks On ("Beach demo" version)
36Sand (live)
37Everything (live)
38She Still Believes (live)
39Any Woman's Blues (demo)
40Strange Euphoria
41Boppy's Back (demo)
42Friend Meets Friend (live)
43Love or Madness (live)
44Skin to Skin
45Fallen Ones
47Lost Angel (live)
48Little Problems, Little Lies
49Queen City
50Hey You
51Avalon (Reprise)
52Going to California
53Battle of Evermore
54What Is and What Should Never Be
55Immigrant Song
56Misty Mountain Hop