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Voltaic [Limited Edition - 2CD/2DVD] : Bjork

Voltaic [Limited Edition - 2CD/2DVD]
Artist : Bjork
Genre : Rock
Label : Nonesuch
Release Year : 2009


1Watch Wanderlust Video Wanderlust
2Watch Hunter Video Hunter
3The Pleasure is All Mine
4Watch Innocence Video Innocence
5Watch Army of Me Video Army of Me
6Watch I Miss You Video I Miss You
7Watch Earth Intruders Video Earth Intruders
8Watch All is Full of Love Video All is Full of Love
9Watch Pagan Poetry Video Pagan Poetry
10Vertebrae by Vertebrae
11Watch Declare Independence Video Declare Independence
12Earth Intruders (xxxchange remix)
13Innocence (simian mobile disco remix)
14Declare Independence (Matthew Herbert remix)
15Wanderlust (ratatat remix)
16The Dull Flame of Desire (modeselektor remix for girls)
17Earth Intruders (lexx remix)
18Innocence (graeme sinden remix)
19Declare Independence (ghostigital remix)
20The Dull Flame of Desire (modeselektor remix for boys)
21Innocence (alva noto unitxt remodel)
22Declare Independence (black pus remix)
23Innocence (simian mobile disco dub remix)
24Brennid Pid Vitar (DVD)
25Earth Intruders (DVD)
26Hunter (DVD)
27Immature (DVD)
28Joga (DVD)
29The Pleasure is All Mine (DVD)
30Vertebrae by Vertebrae (DVD)
31Where is the Line (DVD)
32Who is It (DVD)
33Desired Constellation (DVD)
34Army of Me (DVD)
35Bachelorette (DVD)
36Wanderlust (DVD)
37Hyperballad (DVD)
38Pluto (DVD)
39Declare Independence (DVD)
40Pneumonia (DVD)
41My Juvenile (DVD)
42Vokuro (DVD)
43Sonnets/Unrealities XI (DVD)
44Mouth's Cradle (DVD)