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Galaxy Mix : Boy George

Galaxy Mix
Artist : Boy George
Genre : Pop
Label : Galaxy
Release Year : 1999


12 Times [Original Ext. Mix]
2Get Get Down
3Sweet Like Chocolate [Ruff Driverz Vocal Mix]
4Feel the Same [XTended Mix]
5Feeling It Too [Phats and Small Mutant Disco Mix]
6U Don't Know Me [Original Club Mix]
7On the Run [Big Ron Mix]
8Filthy Mind [Boy George and Kinky Roland Trancesexual Mix]
9Not over Yet '99 [Matt Darey Remix]
10Don't Stop [X Cabs Remix]
12Better off Alone [Vocal Club Mix]
139 P.M. (Till I Come)
14Synth and Strings
15Angel [Tall Paul Remix]
16Liberation (Temptation Fly Like an Angel) [Matt Darey Remix]
17Red Sun Rising [Large Mix]
181999 [Gouryella Remix]
19King of Snake
20Grooveline [Matt Darey Mix]
21Sun Is Shining [Funkstar Club Mix]
22Red Alert
23Right Here, Right Now
24In and Out of My Life [Atfc Vocal Mix]
25Can't Get Enough [Vocal Club Mix]
26Sing It Back [Boris Dlugosch Musical Mix]
27Sunshine and Happiness [Nerios's Instrumental]
28Big Love [Dragonez Mix]
29What You Need [Full Intention Power Mix]
30To Be Love [Full Intention Vocal Mix]
31Make Me Love You [Morning Star Mix]
32Under the Water [Brother Brown Club Mix]
33Fell Good [Mutant Disco 12 Mix]
34Itza Trunpet Thing [Original Funky Space Mix]
35Dr. Love [Smokin Beats Club Mix]
36Sugar Dumb Dumb
37Nothing for Nothing
38Born Funky 99
39Ooh la La