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Holiday Gift Pack : The Chemical Brothers

Holiday Gift Pack
Artist : The Chemical Brothers
Genre : Electronica
Label : Virgin
Release Year : 2007


1Song to the Siren
2Chemical Beats
3Leave Home
4Watch Setting Sun Video Setting Sun
5Watch Block Rockin' Beats Video Block Rockin' Beats
6The Private Psychedelic Reel
7Watch Hey Boy Hey Girl Video Hey Boy Hey Girl
8Watch Let Forever Be Video Let Forever Be
9Watch Out of Control Video Out of Control
10Watch Star Guitar Video Star Guitar
11The Test
12Get Yourself High
13Watch The Golden Path Video The Golden Path
14Not Another Drugstore [Planet Nine Mix]
15The Duke
16If You Kling to Me I'll Klong to You
17Otter Rock
18Morning Lemon
19Galaxy Bounce
20Loops of Fury
22Elektrobank [Original Live Version from the Rox, NYC-November 1]
23Under the Influence [Mix 2]
24Piku Playgroung [live]
25Life Is Sweet [DVD]
26Setting Sun [DVD]
27Block Rockin' Beats [DVD]
28Elektrobank [DVD]
29Hey Boy Hey Girl [DVD]
30Let Forever Be [DVD]
31Watch Out of Control Video Out of Control
32Star Gitar [DVD]
33The Test [DVD]
34The Golden Path [DVD]
35Hey Boy Hey Girl [live]
36Hoops [live]
37Setting Sun [live]
38Temptation/Star Guitar [live]
39Chemical Beats [live]
40The Private Psychedelic Reel [live]