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Tron Legacy Gets Previewed at Secret Screening

2010-03-01 10:03:19

The sneak peek sees Sam Flynn getting a clue about his missing dad, shares a glimpse of shots from the computer world and also gives a look at some other characters.

First Image of Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy Found

2010-02-03 09:02:16

Kevin Flynn, whose son will look for him in the upcoming film, is seen having a glowing disc on his back.

The 10 Must-See Sequels of 2010

2009-12-26 02:12:01

From the side-splitting 'Shrek Forever After' to the action-packed 'Iron Man 2', AceShowbiz puts together the ten not-to-be-missed sequels that will be released in 2010.

New Images From Tron Legacy and 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice'

2009-12-10 09:12:46

An official image from the sci-fi film features Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde wearing glowing costumes, while one of the new images from the adventure movie shows Nicolas Cage doing a magic.

Daft Punk to Have a Cameo in Tron Legacy

2009-10-06 09:10:57

Actress Olivia Wilde spills the beans that in addition to scoring the music, the electronic music duo will also make an appearance in the 'Tron' sequel.

Michael Sheen Teases Part in Tron Legacy

2009-09-15 09:09:36

Being tapped to join the cast of this 'Tron' sequel, the actor who plays Aro in 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon' reveals that he will step into the shoes of a nightclub host.

Tron Legacy Enters December 2010 Slate

2009-09-04 09:09:03

The scheduled release date given by Walt Disney Pictures places this 'Tron' sequel to face off against 'The Green Hornet', 'The Smurfs' and 'Yogi Bear'.

Confirmed: Michael Sheen Joins Tron Legacy

2009-07-30 02:07:22

Walt Disney Pictures has officially noted that the 'Frost/Nixon' star has a role in the 'Tron 2' movie, though the studio doesn't mention further what role he is tackling.

First Official Teaser Footage for Tron Legacy Released

2009-07-25 10:07:03

After sharing on what they have for the sci-fi adventure sequel at San Diego Comic Con 2009, Walt Disney Pictures follows it up by unleashing a VFX teaser.

Comic Con 2009: New Title for 'Tron' Sequel and Footage Shown

2009-07-24 04:07:51

During their 3-D panel at 2009 Comic Con on Thursday, July 23, Disney has announced that 'Tron' sequel has been retitled into 'Tron Legacy' in addition to showing a glimpse at the film.

'Tron 2.0' to Be a Stand-Alone Sequel

2009-07-23 03:07:05

'You don't have to know the '82 movie to come in and appreciate and enjoy this one,' producer Sean Bailey revealed, adding that lightcyles, tanks and other vehicles will play important roles in it.

Filming of 'Tron 2.0' Kicked Off, First On-Set Pic Unveiled

2009-04-11 11:04:44

Big screen movie 'Tron 2.0' has begun its filming this week in Vancouver, Canada and it has been claimed that its production costs probably 300 million dollars.

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