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Tron Legacy Has Star-Studded Los Angeles Premiere

2010-12-13 10:12:58

Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde paired up at the special screening of their film, which was attended by famous celebrity guests like Tom Cruise, Will Ferrell and Joe Jonas.

First Teaser Poster and Synopsis for Supernatural Film '11-11-11'

2010-12-11 01:12:35

An author starts having sightings of the number 11 after the tragic death of his wife and child, realizing that it is a warning.

Oprah Winfrey Is the Most Generous Celeb, Donating $41 Million to Charity

2010-12-11 01:12:30

Returning to the top spot for the third time, Oprah Winfrey is followed by Nora Roberts and Meryl Streep at the second and third places respectively.

'Alice in Wonderland' and Tron Legacy Among Oscar Visual Effects Semifinalists

2010-12-11 01:12:02

Tim Burton's big grosser and the upcoming action sci-fi are joined by 13 other films on the current list, which will be narrowed down to seven in early January 2011.

Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges Team Up at Tron Legacy UK Premiere

2010-12-06 10:12:36

The movie beauty and the actor cuddled on the blue carpet of the premiere held on cold Sunday night, December 5 in London.

Another Tron Legacy Trailer Shows How Sam Enters Flynn's Arcade

2010-11-29 03:11:15

Mostly featuring scenes from the third trailer, the latest trailer has an additional footage which sees Sam decoding using mobile phone to unlock the Arcade's door.

New Clip and Behind-the-Scene Video of Tron Legacy Come Out

2010-11-22 02:11:18

The clip reveals Sam initially shows no enthusiasm when Alan tells him that he received a page from Kevin's office.

New Tron Legacy Trailer Highlights Beautiful Yet Dangerous World

2010-11-10 10:11:58

After meeting Kevin in the world of gladiatorial games, Sam could not help but admiring the programs created by his father.

New Tron Legacy Clip, Poster and TV Spot Released

2010-11-03 03:11:24

'He never thought he'd see you again,' Quorra tells Sam who is stunned when seeing his aging father in the Tron world after years of separation.

Quorra Makes Sam Curious in New Tron Legacy Clip

2010-10-29 10:10:17

The new sneak peek is released to co-incidence Tron Night when 20 minutes of the film are screened in 3-D for free.

Darren Aronofsky to Take Control Over 'Machine Man'

2010-10-27 02:10:49

The 41-year-old filmmaker has been tapped to direct the upcoming sci-fi based on a novel by Max Barry.

Daft Punk's 'Derezzed' Video Debuted, Featuring Tron Legacy Scenes

2010-10-27 01:10:39

As the special effect-laden scenes of 'Tron Legacy' are displayed, the Daft Punk music is sizzling on the background.

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