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The Lucky Ones (2008)

The Lucky Ones



Comedy, Drama

Release Date

September 26, 2008 (Limited)

MPAA Rating



115 min.

Production Budget

$15 millions


Lionsgate Films

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Cast and Crew


Neil Burger


Neil Burger, Brian Koppelman, David Levien, Rick Schwartz


Neil Burger, Dirk Wittenborn



When three very different U.S. soldiers find themselves on an unplanned road trip across America, they form a deep bond that may be the closest thing any of them has to real family. A humorous and timely drama about coming home, "The Lucky Ones" stars Rachel McAdams ("The Notebook," "Wedding Crashers"), Tim Robbins ("Mystic River," "The Shawshank Redemption") and Michael Pena ("Crash," "World Trade Center"), and is directed by Neil Burger ("The Illusionist") from a screenplay by Burger and Dirk Wittenborn.

T.K. Poole (Michael Pena), Colee Dunn (Rachel McAdams) and Fred Cheever (Tim Robbins) arrive in New York from Germany only to find their connecting flights canceled due to a power outage. Anxious to get to their respective destinations, they agree to share a rented minivan to suburban St. Louis where Cheever is to reunite with his wife and teenage son. From there, the other two plan to fly to Las Vegas where the macho T.K. wants to make an important stop before seeing his fiancee and the tough yet naive Colee plans to pay a visit to a fallen fellow-soldier's family.

But when Cheever's homecoming turns out to be a far cry from what he anticipated, the trio's one-day drive expands into an impromptu cross-country marathon. Along the way, they experience a string of surprising adventures ranging from the hilarious to the heartbreaking. As their interstate journey takes them from a barroom brawl to a high society dance to a bizarre Sunday morning church service, T.K., Colee and Cheever discover that home is not quite what they remembered and the unlikely companionship they've found in one another might be what matters most of all.

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Michael Pena (as TK, left), Rachel McAdams (as Colee) and Tim Robbins (as Cheaver) in THE LUCKY ONES (2008). Photo credit: Matt Dinerstein.
Michael Pena, Rachel McAdams and Tim Robbins in Lionsgate Films' The Lucky Ones (2008)

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“.."The Lucky Ones" has plenty of heart and courage..”
by Peter Hartlaub [San Francisco Chronicle]
by Rafer Guzman [Newsday]
“..simply meander..”
by Claudia Puig [USA Today]