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Jesse McCartney Out of The Last Airbender, Dev Patel to Replace

2009-02-02 04:02:18

'Slumdog Millionaire' star Dev Patel has been reported to be filling the shoes of Zuko in place of Jesse McCartney who is knocked out from 'The Last Airbender' due to scheduling conflict.

Jesse McCartney Answers The Last Airbender Casting Criticism

2009-01-31 11:01:29

Amidst the casting controversy of 'The Last Airbender', pop idol Jesse McCartney assures fans that he will do his best to fill in the shoes of exiled prince Zuko.

Jesse McCartney and Jackson Rathbone Among The Last Airbender Cast

2008-12-11 10:12:49

Pop singer Jesse McCartney is in talks to join the ensemble, and the Jasper Hale of 'Twilight', Jackson Rathbone, allegedly has been asked to play Aang's friend, Sokka, in 'The Last Airbender'.

2008 San Diego Comic Con Wrap Up (Part 2/2)

2008-07-28 01:07:07

Giving an update to the previous recap report of the 2008 San Diego Comic Con, Aceshowbiz summed up the final two days of the special event below.

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