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Evil Dead


Genre :

Horror, Thriller

Release Date :

April 05, 2013

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Fede Alvarez

Starring :

Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore

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“..this new Evil Dead succeeds in matching its inspiration superfluous. This is one remake that succeeds on its own blood-soaked terms..”
Review rate : B+

“..the new Evil Dead is not only made with an affectionate nod and a wink to the 1981 version, it's also the bloodiest, goriest, slapstickiest horror movie since, well, The Evil Dead..”
by Chris Nashawaty [Entertainment Weekly]
2.5 of 5

“..the new "Evil Dead" has none of the first movie's handmade charm or hilarity, intentional or otherwise..”
by Manohla Dargis [New York Times]
2 of 4

“..overall, though, "Evil Dead" is more shopworn than shocking..”
by Colin Covert [Minneapolis Star Tribune]
3.5 of 5

“..it's unlikely the movie will gain the same ardent following as Raimi's debut, but it offers enough good-time gore, goofiness, scares and screams to leave an audience feeling a certain elated exhaustion..”
by Mark Olsen [Los Angeles Times]
3 of 4

“..it was blasphemy pure and simple. And we knew, every one of us, that it would be a disaster..”
by Tirdad Derakhshani [Philadelphia Inquirer]
3 of 5

“..Evil Dead more than delivers: Blood, piss and vomit flow copiously; bodies get hacked with electric slicers and chainsaws; our possessed antiheroine even does the Showgirls pole lick on the sharp side of an X-Acto knife..”
by Keith Uhlich [Time Out New York]
“..but the plotting as a whole feels fresh, as does the emphasis on women strong enough to defend themselves..”
by Chuck Wilson [Village Voice]
2 of 4

“..but a remake shouldn't exist simply to ramp up the graphic violence, even if special effects have improved immeasurably in the past 30 years..”
by Claudia Puig [USA Today]
2 of 4
Reviewed by Michael O'Sullivan [Washington Post]

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