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Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)

Cradle 2 the Grave



Action, Crime

Release Date

February 28, 2003

MPAA Rating



101 min.

Production Budget

$25 millions


Warner Bros.

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Cast and Crew


Andrzej Bartkowiak


Joel Silver


John O'Brien, Channing Gibson



Armed with a potent combination of charisma, street smarts and martial arts expertise, Tony Fait (DMX) navigates the menace of the urban landscape with passionate precision, taking care of business and his fiercely loyal crew of professionals (ANTHONY ANDERSON, GABRIELLE UNION and DRAG-ON) with a dedication surpassed only by his love for his young daughter Vanessa (PAIGE HURD).

After pulling off a complex heist involving a cache of black diamonds, Fait quickly comes fist-to-fist with Su (JET LI), a Taiwanese government agent who has pursued the extraordinary stones halfway across the world. As lethal as he is relentless, Su isn't just hunting down diamonds - he's hunting the ruthless Ling (MARK DACASCOS), his former partner, who kidnaps Fait's daughter in a ploy to exchange her for the stolen jewels.

But when word hits the street that Fait stashed the stones with his fence Archie (TOM ARNOLD), the diamonds promptly wind up in the hands of a powerful crime lord (CHI McBRIDE).

His back to the wall, Fait mobilizes his crew, suspends his strict no-guns policy and prepares to unleash every force at his disposal to save his daughter. But only Su knows Ling well enough to anticipate his every move - and after he dispenses with Ling's operatives in an explosive display of martial prowess, Fait realizes Su could be his best hope for bringing Vanessa home alive.

Adversaries by code but allied by circumstance, the master thief and the enigmatic agent join forces to wage war on their common enemy: Su to exact revenge against the man who once tried to take his life and Fait to rescue Vanessa, the one person that he cannot live without.


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“..Cradle lacks is that je ne sais quoi. That's French for "coherent plot."..”
by Tor Thorsen [Reel]
“..The worst aspect of Cradle 2 the Grave, and the one thing that would keep this film from being good no matter who directed or starred in it, comes from the terrible plot..”
by Vince Leo [Qwipster's Movie Reviews]
“..The whole film is fairly irrelevant..”
by Rich Cline [Shadows on the Wall]