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First Look at Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in 'Captain America'

2010-09-25 09:09:54

Sans his Captain America costume, the actor is spotted filming the movie in Manchester with flesh-colored foot boots to make him appear barefooted.

New On-Set Video of 'Captain America' Gives First Look at Peggy Carter

2010-09-24 10:09:57

The depicter of Steve Rogers' love interest, Hayley Atwell, is dressing in an all-brown costume and videotaped taking a close-up shot.

New Set Pics of 'Captain America' Reveal Full Costume and Hydra Agents

2010-09-09 02:09:51

Wearing the complete costume of the superhero, however, was not lead actor Chris Evans but it was his stunt double.

New 'Captain America' Pictures Reveal Scene Set on VE Day

2010-08-23 10:08:44

In the set photos taken on Sunday, August 22, extras are seen rejoicing as they reenact the surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany in 1945.

More Pictures and First Video From the Set of 'Captain America' Shared

2010-08-19 02:08:47

In addition to Sherman tanks and a stage, there were actually around 30 army tents, multiple jeeps and loads of vintage cars used during the production taken place in England.

First Photos From the Set of Captain America: The First Avenger Emerge

2010-08-17 01:08:52

Beside a tank, a tent and a stage which are captured on the photos, Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell are allegedly also spotted on the set in London.

Chris Evans' Captain America Costume to Undergo Transformation in the Movie

2010-07-27 04:07:08

Not only his character will have several different costumes but also the superhero will have an updated shield at particular moment in 'Captain America: The First Avenger', the actor reveals.

'Tron Legacy' Seven-Minute Clip Emerges in Bootleg Version

2010-07-26 04:07:25

The clip, taped during Comic Con panel, follows Sam Flynn as he is already in cyber game world and gets a suit to join the game.

Official Cover Art and Tracklisting for Usher's 'Versus'

2010-07-26 03:07:07

The August 24 extended play which follows the release of 'Raymond vs. Raymond' is confirmed to be filled with nine songs.

Man Stabbed in the Eye With Pen at Comic-Con

2010-07-26 03:07:49

Minutes before Universal's presentation of 'Cowboys and Aliens' with director Jon Favreau and Harrison Ford, a man was stabbed in the eye with a pen by another fan during a seating scuffle.

Comic Con 2010: Marvel Presents 'Avengers' Cast, 'Captain America' and 'Thor' Footage

2010-07-26 03:07:30

In a star-studded panel, it is officially announced that Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo join the cast ensemble as Hawkeye and The Hulk respectively.

Video Premiere: Wynter Gordon's 'Dirty Talk'

2010-07-20 10:07:51

In a fairytale land, Wynter Gordon turns into a beautiful 'goddess' with the help from the nymphs.

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