Naomi Watts Trivia

  • Naomi Watts
    • Famous as : Actress
    • Birth Name : Naomi Ellen Watts
    • Birth Date : September 28, 1968
    • Birth Place : Shoreham, Kent, England, UK
    • Spouse : -
    • Claim to Fame : As Betty Elms/Diane Selwyn in "Mulholland Drive" (2001)


  • Was signed up as the new face of Thierry Mugler's signature scent "Angel" in May 2008.
  • Attended several acting schools in Sydney, Australia and met Nicole Kidman in the very first lesson in the first school.
  • Picked 7th on Maxim Magazine's list of 9 Hottest Pregnant Women, Ever (November 2007).
  • Chosen the 2nd Most Eligible Woman in the United Kingdom based on a survey conducted by FHM magazine in February 2006.
  • Is the 3rd in Entertainment Weekly's list of Entertainer of the Year (December 2005).
  • Was on May 15th, 2006 tapped as a United Nations special envoy on HIV/AIDS.
  • Her favorite musicians/bands are Fiona Apple, Coldplay, Björk, Radiohead, Cat Stevens and Pink Floyd.
  • Her favorite actresses are Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore.
  • Likes to watch soccer, boxing, and tennis.
  • Claims baked beans as her favorite comfort food.
  • Has a Yorkshire Terrier named Bob.
  • Is a vegetarian.
  • Ranked #76 on Forbes 2005 Power in Entertainment List.
  • Voted the 14th Sexiest Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Magazine September 2002.
  • Named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002.
  • Appeared in an educational video for teenagers about the positive and negative aspects of credit cards, dubbed "Eddy-Taking Credit."
  • In 2002 she appeared in the play "Proof" in Melbourne, Australia with Heath Ledger and Rachel Griffiths.
  • Made appearances in "Rabbits" and "Thank You, Judge," both short video features produced by and broadcast on (2002).
  • Was asked by director David Lynch to be in the movie "Mulholland Dr." (2001) after picking out her headshot from a stack of actors.
  • Accepted the role for "21 Grams" (2003) without even read the script first.
  • Starred in and produced "Ellie Parker" (2001), which was made into a kind of cult classic about a struggling actress in Hollywood and the nightmares she encountered.
  • Once appeared in an Australian television commercial turning down a date with Tom Cruise for her mum's lamb roast.
  • Wanted to become an actress after seeing the movie "Fame" (1980).
  • Best friends with Nicole Kidman since a casting call for commercial when they were girls and moved in with her after she spilt up from husband Tom Cruise.
  • Moved to Australia when she was 14.
  • Spent some of her early childhood in Llanfawr Farm, a district of Llangefni town where her mother originally comes from.
  • Her father died when she was 10 and since then she and her brother were taken care by her mother.