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Mike Jones Trivia

Mike Jones


Famous as :


Birth Name :

Michael Jones

Birth Date :

January 06, 1981

Birth Place :

Houston, Texas, USA

Claim to fame :

Single "Still Tippin'" from album "Who is Mike Jones" (2005)
Owns a nightclub which is managed by "Celebrity Sundays" in which a well-known celebrity will make an appearance.
Working on a number of remixes along with Clint Saulsberry in 2005.
As a result of that promo trick, he receives for about 2500 to 20,000 calls a day, causing his cell phone bill was once over $250,000 so that he had to change phone services in order to avoid another skyrocketing bill.
His promotional trick is to sell and hand out shirts with his cell phone number on them as well as shouting out the number throughout his mixtapes and albums, encouraging fans to call him on his Motorola phone.
Always takes a line from one of his songs and uses it as a chorus in another, or sometimes the same, song, screwing & chopping and repeating it.
Many of his songs contain the phrases "Who? Mike Jones!" or "Mike Jones!".
Usually uses his own name throughout his many songs.