Ken Olin Filmography

  • Ken Olin
    • Famous as : Actor, director, producer
    • Birth Name : Kenneth Edward Olin
    • Birth Date : July 03, 1954
    • Birth Place : Chicago, Illinois, USA
    • Spouse : Patricia Wettig (actress, since 8-May-82)
    • Claim to Fame : As Michael Steadman in TV series "thirtysomething" (1987-1991)
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  • Americana2012 TM stars as Martin Garano
  • Brothers & Sisters (2007) TV stars as David Caplan
  • Alias2001 TV stars as David McNeil
  • Say Uncle2001 TM
  • Y2K1999 TM aka Y2K: The Movie stars as Nick Cromwell
  • Evolution's Child1999 TM stars as James Mydell
  • L.A. Doctors1998 TV aka L.A. Docs stars as Dr. Roger Cattan
  • 'Til There Was You1997 stars as Gregory
  • The Advocate's Devil1997 TM stars as Abe Ringel
  • EZ Streets1996 TV stars as Cameron Quinn
  • Nothing But the Truth1995 TM stars as Dr. Peter Clayman
  • Dead by Sunset1995 TV stars as Brad Cunningham
  • Telling Secrets1993 TM aka Contract for Murder stars as Det. Jay Jensen
  • Queens Logic1991 stars as Ray
  • Goodnight Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston1990 TM aka The Charles Stuart Story stars as Charles Stuart
  • Police Story: Cop Killer1988 TM aka Cop Killer stars as Officer Manny Mandell
  • A Stoning in Fulham County1988 TM stars as Jim Sandler
  • thirtysomething1987 TV stars as Michael Steadman
  • Tonight's the Night1987 TM aka The Game of Love stars as Henry Fox
  • There Must Be a Pony1986 TM stars as Jay Savage
  • Falcon Crest1985 TV stars as Father Christopher
  • Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac1984 TM aka Flight 90 stars as David Frank
  • Hill Street Blues1984 TV stars as Det. Harry Garibaldi
  • Bay City Blues1983 TV stars as Rocky Padillo
  • Ghost Story1981 stars as Young James
  • Women at West Point1979 TM stars as Board Member
  • Bernice Bobs Her Hair1976 TM stars as G. Reece Stoddard