Katherine Heigl Filmography

  • Katherine Heigl
    • Famous as : Actress
    • Birth Name : Katherine Marie Heigl
    • Birth Date : November 24, 1978
    • Birth Place : Washington D.C., USA
    • Spouse : Josh Kelley (singer/songwriter, since 23-Dec-07)
    • Claim to Fame : As Isabel Evans in TV series "Roswell" (1999 - 2002)
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  • Unforgettable (2016)
  • Face Blind (2016)
  • Doubt2015 TM stars as Sadie Ellis
  • Jenny's Wedding (2015) stars as Jenny Farrell
  • Home Sweet Hell (2014) aka "North of Hell" stars as Mona Champagne
  • Jackie & Ryan (2014) aka "Your Right Mind" stars as Jackie
  • State of Affairs (2014) TV stars as Charleston 'Charlie' Tucker
  • The Nut Job (2014) stars as Andie (voice)
  • The Big Wedding (2013) aka "Gently Down the Stream" stars as Lyla Griffin
  • One for the Money (2012) stars as Stephanie Plum
  • New Year's Eve (2011) stars as Laura Carrington
  • Killers (2010) stars as Jen Kornfeldt
  • Life as We Know It (2010) stars as Holly Berenson
  • The Ugly Truth (2009) stars as Abby Richter
  • 27 Dresses (2008) stars as Jane Nichols
  • Knocked Up (2007) stars as Alison Scott
  • Caffeine (2006) stars as Laura
  • Zyzzyx Rd.2006 stars as Marissa
  • Side Effects (2005) stars as Karly Hert
  • The Ringer (2005) stars as Lynn
  • Romy and Michele: In the Beginning2005 TM stars as Romy White
  • Grey's Anatomy (2005) TV stars as Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens
  • Love's Enduring Promise2004 TM stars as Marty Claridge
  • Love Comes Softly2003 TM stars as Marty Claridge
  • Evil Never Dies2003 TM stars as Eve
  • Critical Assembly2003 TM aka Ground Zero stars as Aizy
  • Descendant2003 aka Descendent, Descendent stars as Ann Hedgerow/Emily Hedgerow
  • Wuthering Heights2003 TM stars as Isabel
  • Vegas Dick2003 TM
  • Valentine2001 stars as Shelley Fisher
  • 100 Girls2000 stars as Arlene, the Competitive Tomboy
  • Roswell1999 TV aka Roswell High stars as Isabel Amanda Evans Ramirez
  • Bug Buster1998 aka Some Things Never Die stars as Shannon Griffin
  • The Tempest1998 TM stars as Miranda Prosper
  • Bride of Chucky1998 stars as Jade
  • Stand-ins1997 stars as Taffy-Rita Hayworth's Stand-in
  • Prince Valiant1997 aka Prinz Eisenherz (Germany) stars as Princess Ilene
  • Wish Upon a Star1996 stars as Alexia Wheaton
  • Under Siege 2: Dark Territory1995 aka Under Siege 2 stars as Sarah Ryback
  • My Father the Hero1994 aka My father, ce héros (France) stars as Nicole
  • King of the Hill1993 stars as Christina Sebastian
  • That Night1992 aka One Hot Summer stars as Kathryn