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Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart


Famous as :

Actor, comedian

Birth Name :

Jonathan Stewart Leibowitz

Birth Date :

November 28, 1962

Birth Place :

New York, USA

Spouse :

Tracey McShane (veterinary tech, since Nov 2000)

Claim to fame :

Host of "The Daily Show" (1996)

Latest News

Jon Stewart Gets Body Slammed by John Cena on 'WWE Monday Night Raw'

August 25, 2015 13:04:45 GMT

got body slammed by during "WWE Monday Night Raw" on Monday, August 24. The former "Daily Show" host previously made Cena upset after interfering in a title match which cost the professional wrestler his WWE United States Championship.

Video: Jon Stewart Hits John Cena With Chair, Helps Seth Rollins Win at WWE's 'SummerSlam'

August 24, 2015 03:09:12 GMT

As announced before, made his appearance at WWE's 2015 "SummerSlam" on Sunday, August 23 as the host. In a surprise twist, the recently retired "The Daily Show" host even took part in a showdown between WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins and U.S. champion .

Petition Calling for Jon Stewart to Moderate Presidential Debate Gains 120,000 Signatures

August 21, 2015 03:12:14 GMT

may have lost his regular platform to take on the presidential campaign, but he may find a new way to cover the presidential debate. His fan has launched an online petition on Change.org calling for the comedian to moderate one of the 2016 presidential debates, and it has gained more than 100,000 signatures.

Jon Stewart's First Post-'The Daily Show' Gig Is WWE 'SummerSlam'

August 18, 2015 02:00:39 GMT

will keep himself busy after resigning from "The Daily Show". Less than two weeks after his farewell to the show that he had hosted for more than 16 years, the funnyman has landed his new gig. He is billed to host WWE's 2015 "SummerSlam". USA Today broke the news.

Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show' Set to Be Donated to the Newseum

August 06, 2015 07:35:15 GMT

"" may soon end, but the show's trace will be preserved. It has been announced that the show's set would be donated to the Newseum in Washington, D.C. once wraps up the filming of his final episode.

Video: Jon Stewart Welcomes Amy Schumer as He Kicks Off His Final Week on 'Daily Show'

August 04, 2015 07:47:18 GMT

began his final week on "The Daily Show" on Monday, August 3 with as his guest. Praising the comedienne as "an actress-star," he said she made the right decision to pass on the chance to replace Stewart as "The Daily Show" host.

Video: President Obama Jokingly Intervenes in Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' Exit

July 22, 2015 08:54:27 GMT

President Barack Obama bid goodbye to before he resigns as "The Daily Show" host. The President made his final appearance on "" on Tuesday, July 21 as scheduled.

President Obama to Visit 'Daily Show' Before Jon Stewart's Exit

July 18, 2015 03:20:34 GMT

will welcome President Barack Obama for one last time before his impending departure. POTUS will pay a final visit to "" on Tuesday, July 21, Comedy Central has announced.

Video: Jon Stewart Delivers Jokeless Monologue in the Wake of Charleston Shooting

June 19, 2015 06:49:45 GMT

was not in the mood for making jokes when hosting "The Daily Show" on Thursday night, June 18 in the wake of the deadly shooting in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday. "I didn't do my job today. I apologize," he told his audience before explaining how the tragedy left him humorless.

Jon Stewart Takes on Caitlyn Jenner, Says Her Looks Are 'the Only Thing We Care About'

June 03, 2015 09:41:49 GMT

, formerly known as , has become the talk of the town following her debut on Vanity Fair's cover and didn't shy away from that. However, critical as he has always been, he chose to focus on the attention the media has given to the former Olympian.

Jon Stewart Quietly Created Program to Help Veterans Break Into TV Industry

May 26, 2015 02:59:38 GMT

Despite his incessant criticism of Iraq War, has been running a program to help veterans get job in TV industry. The program running for over 3 years was kept under wraps all this time.

Jon Stewart Pays Tribute to David Letterman

May 16, 2015 04:26:56 GMT

paid tribute to , who will be ending his run as "Late Show" host on May 20, during a segment on "" on Thursday night, May 14. Jon began, "We're off all next week and so we will miss on Wednesday night a young man named David Letterman signing off from his program."

David Letterman Would've Picked Jon Stewart as His Replacement on 'Late Show'

April 30, 2015 04:38:10 GMT

opens up about his "Late Show" departure ahead of his last show. In an interview with The New York Times, he talks about his feeling as he's nearing his retirement. "I'm awash in melancholia," he admits.

Jon Stewart Sets Date for His Final 'Daily Show'

April 21, 2015 04:55:03 GMT

has set the end date for his days as "The Daily Show" host. The comedian announced at the end of the show's Monday, April 20 episode that he would depart the Comedy Central series on Thursday, August 6.

Stephen Colbert Reveals Why He Wouldn't Want to Replace Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'

April 20, 2015 08:39:57 GMT

The interviewer got interviewed during a discussion at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, April 17. , who was serving as moderator during the event, had to respond to some questions from George Lucas who was curious to find out why Colbert didn't take over "The Daily Show" from the soon-to-be-exiting .

Jon Stewart Says 'Increasingly Redundant Process' Prompts His 'Daily Show' Exit

April 20, 2015 02:33:27 GMT

has finally opened up about the reasons why he's leaving "The Daily Show", months after announcing his departure in February. In a new interview with The Guardian, he admits that increasing dissatisfaction prompted him to make the decision.

Official: Trevor Noah Tapped to Replace Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'

March 31, 2015 01:41:43 GMT

The search is over. After weeks of speculation, Comedy Central has finally announced the new host of "The Daily Show". , the latest name mentioned as a strong contender to replace , indeed lands the coveted gig.

Trevor Noah Named as Candidate to Replace Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'

March 28, 2015 04:27:20 GMT

may get an early promotion on "". Being added to the show as a correspondent last December, the South African comedian is now rumored as a possible replacement for the departing host, .

Video: Seth Rollins Crashes 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart', Issues 'Raw' Challenge

February 28, 2015 03:41:37 GMT

Seth Rollins has finally met after he dissed the comedian and his show earlier this month. On Thursday night, February 26, the pro wrestler crashed "The Daily Show" and confronted Stewart.

Jon Stewart and Seth Rollins' Verbal War Heats Up After WWE Star's 'Daily Show' Diss

February 20, 2015 01:57:22 GMT

and Seth Rollins have engaged in a war of words which began when the WWE star called out the Comedy Central host. On Monday, February 16, Rollins boasted about himself on "RAW", declaring that he could do anything, including becoming President or taking over for Stewart on "The Daily Show" "and make that thing actually watchable."

Jessica Williams NOT Replacing Jon Stewart as 'The Daily Show' Host

February 16, 2015 09:27:04 GMT

Jessica Williams has set things straight following wild rumors that she will replace on "The Daily Show". The 25-year-old actress and comedian, who has been a correspondent on the Comedy Central show, took to her Twitter on Sunday, February 15 to shoot down the speculation.

Jon Stewart Overwhelmed by Reaction to His 'Daily Show' Exit Announcement

February 12, 2015 09:25:46 GMT

apparently didn't expect as much as attention he's got since announcing his departure from "The Daily Show". On Wednesday night, February 11, a day after Comedy Central broke the news, the comedian said when hosting the show, "Last night I was perusing the Internet. I guess my question to you is, did I die? 'Cause it all seems very 'I died.' " He continued, "Very weird. It's an overwhelming day here, as you can imagine, and people have been asking, I'm not 'exactly sure what I'm going to do next."

Jon Stewart Addresses 'The Daily Show' Exit: I'm Slightly Restless

February 11, 2015 07:07:00 GMT

emotionally addressed his planned departure from "The Daily Show" on Tuesday night, February 10 after Comedy Central broke the news earlier that day. At the end of his show's latest episode, the comedian announced his exit to his audience.

Comedy Central Confirms Jon Stewart Is Leaving 'The Daily Show'

February 11, 2015 01:10:34 GMT

It's official, is leaving "The Daily Show". Comedy Central has confirmed his departure from the show he's hosted for 17 years.

Jon Stewart Slams Media Coverage of Brian Williams Scandal

February 10, 2015 08:00:29 GMT

took on controversy on the Monday, February 9 episode of his "The Daily Show". Calling it "infotainment confusion syndrome," the comedian said the NBC News anchor might have allowed his "celebrity cortex" in his brain to override his journalistic instincts as he cited Williams' conflicting roles as a celebrity and a journalist.

Jon Stewart Admits Putting Dante Parker in His List of Police Shootings Was a Mistake

December 06, 2014 15:40:02 GMT

apologizes to San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos for misstating facts about Dante Parker during a TV discussion on police shootings of black men. "You're right re(ference) Dante Parker," he tweeted. "Sloppy to put him in our list of shootings. TV apology coming Monday...Larger point still stands."

Stephen Colbert Reunites With Jon Stewart on 'The Colbert Report'

November 22, 2014 04:52:39 GMT

reunited with his former "Daily Show" boss, , whom he called his "friend and nemesis" on "" on Thursday night, November 20. Jon appeared on the show to promote his new movie "".

Video: John Oliver Takes Over 'Daily Show' From Jon Stewart for 'Rosewater' Interview

November 14, 2014 08:53:52 GMT

returned to "" ten months after leaving the show for HBO. The British comedian came to the rescue when felt awkward to talk about his own movie "" on the Comedy Central show.

Report: NBC Originally Wanted Jon Stewart as 'Meet the Press' Host

October 09, 2014 01:52:03 GMT

Comedy Central apparently almost lost another of its hosts besides who will move to CBS next year. was approached by NBC to replace David Gregory as "Meet the Press" host, three sources with knowledge of the talks tell New York Magazine.

Jon Stewart's Directorial Debut 'Rosewater' Unveils Trailer and Poster

August 29, 2014 01:03:27 GMT

's directorial debut "" unleashes its first trailer and poster ahead of its November 7 limited release. The film will premiere at the Telluride Film Festival this weekend before being screened at the Toronto Film Festival on September 8.

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