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Brigitte Bardot Filmography

Brigitte Bardot


Famous as :


Birth Name :

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot

Birth Date :

September 28, 1934

Birth Place :

Paris, France

Claim to fame :

As Juliete Hardy in "Et Dieu... crea la femme/And God Created Woman" (1956)
Histoire tres bonne et tres joyeuse de Colinot Trousse-Chemise, L' (1973) aka The Edifying and Joyous Story of Colinot
stars as Arabelle

Don Juan ou Si Don Juan etait une femme (1973) aka Don Juan 73
stars as Jeanne

Petroleuses, Les (1971) aka Petroleum Girls
stars as Louise

Boulevard du rhum (1971) aka Rum Runners
stars as Linda Larue

Novices, Les (1970) aka The Novices
stars as Agnes

Ours et la poupee, L' (1969) aka The Bear and the Doll
stars as Felicia

Femmes, Les (1969) aka Women
stars as Clara

Shalako (1968)
stars as Countess Irina Lazaar

Histoires extraordinaires (1968) aka Tales of Mystery
stars as Giuseppina

A coeur joie (1967) aka Two Weeks in September
stars as Cecile

Masculin, feminin: 15 faits precis (1966) aka Masculine, Feminine: In 15 Acts
stars as Girl in a couple

Marie Soleil (1965)
stars as Cameo appearance

Viva Maria! (1965)
stars as Maria II

Une ravissante idiote (1964) aka The Warm-Blooded Spy
stars as Penelope Lightfeather

Mepris, Le (1963) aka Contempt
stars as Camille Javal

Repos du guerrier, Le (1962) aka Love on a Pillow
stars as Genevieve

Vie privee (1962) aka A Very Private Affair
stars as Jill

Amours celebres (1961) aka Famous Love Affairs
stars as Agnes Bernauer

Bride sur le cou, La (1961) aka Please, Not Now!
stars as Sophie

Affaire d'une nuit, L' (1960) aka It Happened All Night
stars as Woman in restaurant

Verite, La (1960) aka The Truth
stars as Dominique Marceau

Testament d'Orphee, ou ne me demandez pas pourquoi!, Le (1960) aka The Testament of Orpheus (USA)
stars as Une amie d'Orphee

Voulez-vous danser avec moi? (1959) aka Do You Want to Dance with Me?
stars as Virginie Dandieu

Babette s'en va-t-en guerre (1959) aka Babette Goes to War
stars as Babette

Femme et le pantin, La (1959) aka The Female
stars as Eva

En cas de malheur (1958) aka Love Is My Profession
stars as Yvette Maudet

Bijoutiers du clair de lune, Les (1958) aka The Night Heaven Fell
stars as Ursula

Une parisienne (1957) aka La Parisienne
stars as Brigitte Laurier

Helen of Troy (1956) aka Elena di Troia (Italy)
stars as Andraste

Cette sacree gamine (1956) aka Naughty Girl
stars as Brigitte Latour

En effeuillant la marguerite (1956) aka While Plucking the Daisy
stars as Agnes Dumont

Et Dieu... crea la femme (1956) aka ...And God Created Woman
stars as Juliete Hardy

Mio figlio Nerone (1956) aka Nero's Big Weekend
stars as Poppea

Mariee est trop belle, La (1956) aka The Bride Is Much Too Beautiful
stars as Chouchou

Doctor at Sea (1955)
stars as Helene Colbert

Grandes manoeuvres, Les (1955) aka The Grand Maneuver
stars as Lucie

Lumiere d'en face, La (1955) aka The Light Across the Street
stars as Olivia Marceau

Fils de Caroline cherie, Le (1955) aka Caroline and the Rebels
stars as Pilar d'Aranda

Futures vedettes (1955) aka Joy of Living
stars as Sophie

Tradita (1954) aka Night of Love
stars as Anna

Si Versailles m'etait conte (1954) aka Affairs in Versailles
stars as Mlle. de Rosille

Un acte d'amour (1953) aka Act of Love
stars as aka Act of Love

Portrait de son pere, Le (1953) aka His Father's Portrait
stars as Domino

Trou normand, Le (1952) aka Crazy for Love
stars as Javotte Lemoine

Dents longues, Les (1952) aka The Long Teeth
stars as La femme du temoin au mariage/Marriage Witness

Manina, la fille sans voile (1952) aka The Girl in the Bikini
stars as Manina



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