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Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown


Famous as :


Birth Name :

Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown

Birth Date :

March 04, 1993

Birth Place :

Livingston, New Jersey, USA

Claim to fame :

As Herself in "The Houstons: On Our Own" (2012) (TV)

Latest News

Nick Gordon Allegedly Got Paid $40K for Bobbi Kristina Teary Graveside Pics

August 27, 2015 13:42:07 GMT

Nick Gordon, who was banned from his girlfriend 's funeral and is facing a wrongful-death suit over her passing, was paid for his teary graveside pics, Page Six reports. According to sources, the money is reportedly used for Nick's "legal defense fund" because he's "broke."

Nick Gordon Breaks Down in Tears at Bobbi Kristina Brown's Grave

August 27, 2015 07:08:29 GMT

Nick Gordon was seen crying during his visit to 's grave at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey, last week. In a video obtained by Entertainment Tonight, the baseball athlete also appeared to pay tribute to his late girlfriend's mother whose grave is right next to Brown's.

Nick Gordon Finally Able to Visit Bobbi Kristina Brown's Grave Weeks After Death

August 25, 2015 05:05:45 GMT

Weeks after 's death, Nick Gordon was finally able to visit her gravesite. The 25-year-old, who was banned from attending his late girlfriend's funeral service and burial, paid respects to 's daughter at her grave at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey last week, sources confirm to Us Weekly and E! News.

Nick Gordon Returns to Twitter, Dedicates First Tweet to Bobbi Kristina

August 17, 2015 20:12:53 GMT

Nick Gordon breaks his social media silence since 's funeral. He returns to Twitter and dedicates his post to his late girlfriend, "I look at our pics sometimes it makes me smile sometime I cry @REALbkBrown #happymemories. I'm so happy/blessed that I had @REALbkBrown in my life. i will always & forever love you."

Nick Gordon Allegedly Gave Bobbi Kristina Brown 'Toxic Cocktail' and Put Her in Tub

August 08, 2015 01:34:57 GMT

Nick Gordon gave "toxic cocktail" and then put her face-down in a bathtub filled with water, according to an amended complaint filed by her conservator Bedelia C. Hargrove on Friday, August 7. Bedelia accused Nick of causing the "wrongful death" of Bobbi.

Pat and Cissy Houston Attend Bobbi Kristina's Burial, Bobby Brown Is Absent

August 04, 2015 02:50:27 GMT

was laid to rest next to her mother at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield on Monday, August 3. Her aunt Pat Houston and grandmother Cissy Houston attended the burial along with other family members.

Bobby Brown's Wife Hospitalized After Family Drama at Bobbi Kristina's Funeral

August 02, 2015 19:42:14 GMT

It's an emotional day for . After attending his daughter 's funeral where family drama erupted, the star had to tend to his wife, Alicia Etheredge, and rushed her to hospital after she suffered a seizure.

Family and Friends Gather at Bobbi Kristina's Funeral as Family Drama Erupts

August 02, 2015 16:09:15 GMT

, , and were among the celebrities attending 's funeral which was marred with family drama. Leolah Brown, Krissy's aunt on her father 's side, caused a scene during the service held at Saint James United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, August 1.

Pat and Cissy Houston Gather at Bobbi Kristina Brown's Wake

August 01, 2015 03:21:07 GMT

's family gathered at her wake at the Murray Brothers Funeral Home in Atlanta on Friday, July 31 to say their heartbreaking goodbyes. The Brown and the Houston family attended the wake separately.

Nick Gordon Begs Bobby Brown to Attend Bobbi Kristina's Funeral

July 31, 2015 15:12:23 GMT

Nick Gordon desperately wants to attend 's funeral. He reportedly has reached out to , asking to be allowed to pay final respect to his girlfriend after he was banned from coming to the burial.

Leolah Brown Claims Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown Were Murdered

July 31, 2015 10:13:02 GMT

Leolah Brown believes that her niece and were murdered. Leolah made the claim in a Facebook post on Thursday, July 30 as she ranted about Marion Patricia Houston, a.k.a. Pat Houston, who couldn't deny accusation that she asked people to send money to her foundation on behalf of Bobbi Kristina.

Bobbi Kristina Brown to Be Buried Next to Whitney Houston, Funeral Planned for Saturday

July 29, 2015 02:00:35 GMT

's funeral will be held in Georgia on Saturday morning, August 1. A memorial service for Bobbi will take place at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta at 11:00 A.M. Her body was released by Fulton County Medical Examiner on Tuesday afternoon and is currently at a funeral home in preparation for burial.

Bobbi Kristina's Autopsy Reveals No Significant Injuries, Nick Gordon's Mom Speaks Out

July 28, 2015 01:21:09 GMT

The initial autopsy on released on Monday, July 27 showed she didn't suffer any significant injuries which caused her death. According to Fulton County Medical Examiner's office in Georgia, the autopsy also didn't find any medical conditions which might have contributed to Bobbi's death.

Oprah Winfrey, Ava DuVernay, Rosie O'Donnell Among Stars Reacting to Bobbi Kristina's Passing

July 27, 2015 05:02:38 GMT

Hollywood was mourning the death of on Sunday night, July 26. , Ava DuVernay and were among some celebrities who paid tribute to and 's daughter on social media.

Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Dies Months After Bathtub Incident, Rep Confirms

July 27, 2015 01:30:02 GMT

and 's daughter died at 22 years old, more than six months after she was found unconscious in a bathtub at her Georgia home. The Houston family announces the sad news via a statement by their representative.

Tyler Perry Slams Bobbi Kristina's Death Rumors, Says She's Still Alive

July 18, 2015 01:25:12 GMT

took to Facebook on Friday, July 17 to blast death rumors surrounding . Tyler asked the media to show "some decency and respect" to Bobbi and her family as she remains unresponsive in a hospice center in Atlanta.

Meagan Good Urges Fans to Pray for Bobbi Kristina Brown

July 11, 2015 05:30:32 GMT

called on her fans to pray for who is currently being cared for at a Georgia hospice center. The 33-year-old star took to Instagram earlier this week to share a snap of the ailing star, writing, "I pray a prayer for this precious young woman. I urge everyone who has a kind heart to please join in with us with prayers lifted up."

Nick Gordon Desperate to See Bobbi Kristina, the Brown Family Banned From Her Room

July 07, 2015 03:58:32 GMT

Nick Gordon, who remains under police investigation regarding hospitalization, is reportedly desperate to see her at the hospice care. "Nick's main concern seems to be seeing Bobbi before she dies," an insider tells Us Weekly, "He's constantly trying to find a way to make that happen."

Bobby Brown Reacts to Bobbi Kristina's Deathbed Pic, Nick Gordon Blames Drugs for Her Condition

July 06, 2015 02:51:10 GMT

has broken his silence over a photo of his daughter at the hospice care being offered for sale. TMZ caught up with the singer at LAX on Sunday, July 5 and asked whether he agreed with his sister Leolah Brown's rage-filled rant over the photo.

Bobbi Kristina's Aunt Leolah Brown Flips Out Over Deathbed Photo

July 04, 2015 01:08:49 GMT

's aunt Leolah Brown is furious after it was revealed that someone took photos of her niece at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia. Leolah took to Facebook on Friday, July 3 to express her disgust, saying that she would have everyone who had access to Bobbi's room to take a lie detector test.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Deathbed Photo Being Shopped to Media by Relative

July 03, 2015 19:04:06 GMT

As continues to fight for her life, a disturbing report surfaces suggesting that an extended family member is shopping a picture of comatose Krissy to media. The photo was reportedly taken during the relative's visit to her bedside at the Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Sued by Motorist Over January Car Accident

July 02, 2015 02:52:43 GMT

While continues to fight for her life in Atlanta hospice center, she is sued by a motorist who claims he was severely injured in a car crash she caused on January 27. Russell J. Eckerman says in his lawsuit that the head-on crash left him with medical bills and damages exceeded $732,610.22.

Tyler Perry Visits Bobbi Kristina at Atlanta Hospice Center

June 29, 2015 03:55:23 GMT

visited at the Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia on Sunday, June 29. Tyler was spotted pulling up in a blue Rolls Royce outside the hospice center wearing a black shirt and pants paired with a white cap and shoes.

Bobbi Kristina Gets Visited by Family at Georgia Hospice Center

June 26, 2015 01:33:33 GMT

has been visited by both family of and after she was moved to hospice care in Georgia. A source told ET, "The family is in serious shock. They really thought something could be done to help her."

Bobbi Kristina Moved to Hospice Care, Suit Filed Against Nick Gordon

June 25, 2015 01:21:26 GMT

has been moved to hospice care nearly five months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her Georgia home. Her aunt Pat Houston announced it in a statement issued on Wednesday, June 24.

Bobby Brown: Leolah Was Lying About Pat Houston's Alleged Death Wish

June 19, 2015 01:27:38 GMT

is reportedly "indignant" that his sister Leolah Brown accused Pat Houston of lobbying for 's death. Sources close to the frontman tell TMZ that he claims Leolah was lying and hasn't even been around Bobbi. He believes Leolah was only trying to get attention.

Bobbi Kristina's Aunt Leolah Says Pat Houston Asked Bobby Brown to Pull the Plug

June 17, 2015 03:41:49 GMT

Amidst rumors that was brought home to "die peacefully," her aunt Leolah Brown has taken to Facebook to address it. "The BIG lie has been told again that my niece Bobbi Kristina is going to be brought home..only to leave us. (I heard it on the radio about 6am this morning while I was traveling). Please ignore any of these LIES coming from the media," she writes.

Nick Gordon Resurfaces in Florida While Bobbi Kristina Remains Coma in Atlanta

June 13, 2015 03:44:03 GMT

Nick Gordon has seemingly given up to see as he was seen in Florida on Friday, June 12, away from his girlfriend who remains in a coma in an Atlanta rehab. According to Radar Online, Nick is living with his mother Michelle Gordon in the Sunshine State.

Bobbi Kristina Is 'Healing,' Aunt Leolah Brown Says

June 04, 2015 04:53:29 GMT

is "healing," according to a recent Facebook post by her aunt Leolah Brown. Leolah wrote, via Atlanta Journal Constitution, "We are allowing [Bobbi] to just continue healing in God's Grace and Mercy. Please continue to be patient with us."

Nick Gordon Issues New Plea to See Bobbi Kristina

May 18, 2015 19:31:01 GMT

Nick Gordon once again begs to see his ailing girlfriend who has been fighting for her life since late January. The new public plea comes after he checked out of rehab for alcohol abuse.