Episode 3.01 : Don't Give Up on Detroit or Hung Like a Horse

  • Hung
    • Episode Premiere : October 02, 2011
    • Distributor : HBO
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: HBO
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The scene opens with Tanya talking to a group of women at a Wellness Center for Women. She tells them that the class is "Orgasmic Living". Ray talks to Tanya later at the coffee shop. She is working there and Ray says that they have a good "product" and that they don't need to be doing mediocre jobs to make ends meet. Tanya says that they need to get a place where women are going to be able to want to indulge in things. She gets an idea and says that she quits the coffee shop. Tanya and Ray go to the bank and pitch their "Wellness Center" idea and the loan manager asks what they are selling. Tanya says that they are selling hand crèmes. They get denied the loan and Ray tells Tanya that they are not going to get a loan now because only big businesses are going to get the bailouts while the rest of them suffer. Tanya goes back inside and tells the loan manager that they sell a class on how to have better orgasms. She offers her to take a free class.

Later that night Judy, the loan manager, and her friend, Joni, come over for a class and Tanya talks about the Vulva. They are confused and Tanya says that they have "private" consultations as well. Judy takes Joni outside and tells her that she doesn't want to do it. However, Joni talks her into it. The next night, Ray goes to a hotel to find Joni and Judy there. They talk about their work and how adventurous it can be. Joni is more hands on with Ray and Judy tells them that she is going to go and leave them to go have sex. However, Ray tells her that he will not leave her behind. They go up to the hotel room and Ray kisses Judy. He asks if they should keep going and they do. Joni joins in and then suddenly, Judy kisses Joni. They look at each other for a second and then start kissing one another. They tell Ray that they don't need him anymore. The next day, they get the loan approved.

They start up the business and convince a lot of women to take the "private" consultations with Ray and he gets a busy schedule getting "busy" with several women. He eventually is able to rebuild his house with the money he makes. The scene fast-forwards to the present day and Darby and Damon are kicking around Ray's new robot vacuum. Jessica asks how he can afford everything he has done on a Substitute Teacher's salary. He says that he does side jobs and things. He says that she is always welcomed to stay at his place if she needs to. Meanwhile, Lenore looks at an advertisement for Tanya and Ray's "wellness center" and gets upset. Jason, the waiter, comes over and says that he can take her in the back room and put something good in her coffee for her. The next scene shows them getting "busy" and she says that she wants to see his "stuff". He shows it off and she says that she thought as much. Afterward she gives him money and says that they can make this work. He tries to tell that he is not a man-hooker, but takes the money this one time.

Later, Ray pulls up to Tanya's place and shows off that he bought a nice convertible spots car. She says that she likes it and says that it is amazing. He offers to take her for a ride around the block. She is happy that he is happy and that this is a start of a nice business. After going around the block, Ray decides that they are going to see how fast the car can go and the episode ends.






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