Episode 1.16 : Home

  • Glee
    • Episode Premiere : April 27, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy, Musical
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Ryan Murphy Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Sue demands that new Cheerio Mercedes must wear the proper uniform, including the short skirt. Threatening to kick her off the team, she wants Mercedes to lose 10 pounds before Sue's interview with Splits Magazine in a week. She also tells Kurt to lose weight as well.

Sue has reserved the auditorium for the entire week so that her Cheerios can prepare for the Splits article. She reminds Will that she's blackmailing Principal Figgins. Will promises to find the glee club an off-site location to use.

In the cafeteria, Kurt criticizes Mercedes' seemingly healthy choice of grilled chicken and a salad with dressing on the side. He's only eating celery. Kurt doesn't want Mercedes to screw up their chance at being part of the "in crowd."� Mercedes asks Santana and Brittany how they stay so thin, and they inform her about Sue's master cleanse. Mercedes knows it can't be healthy but Santana tells her the other option is to be kicked off the team. Quinn looks on disapprovingly.

Finn is upset when his mom Carol plans to sell their old furniture, including his late father's recliner. She confesses that she has a new boyfriend -- Burt, who is Kurt's father.

While scouting the roller rink for glee rehearsal, Will sees April working there. April admits that she didn't get sober, and she is now the mistress of a wealthy strip mall tycoon who owns the roller rink. She offers his glee club the use of the rink. When she learns that Will is looking to get rid of his apartment because of his impending divorce, April says she's looking for a new place to stay.

At her mid-week weigh-ins with the Cheerios, Sue chastises Mercedes for gaining two pounds. Sue tells Mercedes to do whatever it takes.

Finn approaches Kurt about their parents dating. Kurt doesn't let on that he facilitated their introduction to get closer to Finn. He's excited at the prospect of being roommates with Finn, but Finn is upset that his mom has found someone else.

April shows up at Will's apartment with an overnight bag, claiming she wants to get the feel of the place. Will is not comfortable with her staying overnight, but she says she doesn't want a hookup. Although she is supposed to sleep on the couch, April stays in Will's bed, the two of them lonely.

Kurt and Finn go out to dinner with their parents, yet Kurt is unhappy when his father Burt bonds with Finn over sports. Later at home, Kurt argues with Burt about this. Burt reminds Kurt that neither of them has ever tried to change the other. Kurt says he thinks it's too soon for Burt to be getting serious with someone even though it's been eight years since his mother died.

At lunch the next day, Artie and Tina question why Mercedes is extreme dieting. She angrily explains that she's trying to fit in. However, her vision goes fuzzy and she starts to see them as decadent foods. After Mercedes faints, the school nurse diagnoses low blood sugar. Quinn offers Mercedes a granola bar, saying she knows how it feels. Mercedes asks why she's being so nice. Quinn says that, when she started eating right for her baby, she realized she should eat right for herself as well. Quinn is commends Mercedes for always being at home in her own body, and she advises her not to let Sue take that away from her. Mercedes is embarrassed, and Quinn tells her that she is beautiful.

Will forbids April from spending the night again. He thinks she is worth more than merely being someone's mistress. April says she's going to break it off with her tycoon.

Kurt approaches Finn about breaking up their parents. Finn knows that it hurt Kurt to see him bond with his dad, and he agrees.

Later at Finn's house, he threatens to flush his father's ashes down the toilet. Carol puts the urn in the recliner, confessing that she talks to the ashes every night because she misses her husband. Carol says they don't need any more memories and ghosts -- they need a home and a family.

The writer from Splits magazine lets Sue know that his cover story on her won't be a fluff piece, but a "hard hitting investigation." Sue is surprised at the pep rally when Mercedes veers from the planned routine to speak to the other students. Many raise their hands when she asks who has ever felt fat, insignificant, or ugly. Mercedes encourages anyone who felt that way to sing "Beautiful" with her. The students sing together, and Kurt admits to Mercedes that he was wrong.

The next day, the writer from Splits tells Sue that, although he didn't like her, he was wrong. He admires Sue for coaching "every shape and size" of Cheerio, and for emboldening her squad about empowerment and inclusion. He thinks Sue is redefining cheerleading, and he lets her know that his article will mean "big things" for her.

At Finn's house, Burt assures Finn that he's not trying to fill his father's shoes. Burt says that he loves Carol, and promises to always take care of her. Finn asks Burt if he'd like to watch the game with him, and he has Burt sit in his dad's recliner. Kurt, hoping to spy on the major confrontation, is saddened when Finn and Burt get along over sports.

April tells Will that, when she went to break up with her tycoon, he died. The man's wife paid her $2 million in hush money. April used it to buy the auditorium for New Directions. April also plans to go to Broadway to launch the first all-white production of "The Wiz."






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