Sabrina Carpenter's Bodyguard Slaps Fan in the Face With Umbrella Amid Chaos
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Things get intense between her bodyguard and a paparazzo as the 'Please Please Please' hitmaker makes ways to London's BBC Radio 1 Studios, accidentally hitting a fan in the process.

AceShowbiz - Sabrina Carpenter's popularity comes with paparazzi tailing her. On Tuesday, June 18, things got intense between her bodyguard and a paparazzo as the "Espresso" hitmaker made ways to London's BBC Radio 1 Studios.

In a video circulating online, a photographer could be seen getting too close to Sabrina as she was trying to get out of the car. That prompted one muscular security guard to shove the cameraman out of her way, but the last persisted.

The paparazzo even continued to tail the singer when she headed to the building. Not having it, the security guard attempted to push the man's camera away from the artist with an umbrella but accidentally slapped a fan's face with it in the process. The bodyguard seemed to feel sorry for the mistake as he appeared to ask the fan if he's okay.

The chaotic ordeal came after Sabrina made headlines for her unique way to promote her hit song "Espresso". The "Please, Please, Please" songstress, who donned a Fendi dress for the event, transformed into a barista in a London coffee shop earlier this week. She happily took orders behind the counter for fans.

Some Internet users, meanwhile, were not impressed as they thought it was an insult. Slamming Sabrina, one accused the singer of "cosplaying as the working class." One angry fan wrote, "A billionaire cosplaying as the working class? I'm a fan but i just can't support this."

Another sarcastically added, "I love it when millionaires cosplay as normal people." A third asked, "Why do celebs love to cosplay as min wage workers?"

Someone mentioned Lana Del Rey, saying, "What is with these celebrities doing this lately? Lana Del Rey does it and now they all wanna do it. It's so tiresome. Every time. YOU'RE NOT LIKE US." One other noted, "Literally every pop stars trying to be LDR," with another user saying, "Anything for press."

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