Sabrina Carpenter Accused of 'Cosplaying as Working Class' With 'Espresso' Promotion
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Promoting her smash hit song 'Espresso', the 25-year-old 'Please, Please, Please' singer transformed into a barista in a London coffee shop earlier this week.

AceShowbiz - Sabrina Carpenter is a barista for one day. Promoting her smash hit song "Espresso", the 25-year-old singer transformed into a barista in a London coffee shop earlier this week. While it was a fun experience for fans, some Internet users called it an insult.

In a video taken from the event at Blank Street Coffee, Sabrina could be seen happily taking orders behind the counter. For the Monday, June 17 event, the "Girl Meets World" actress donned a body-hugging brown Fendi dress as her blonde locks were styled in loose waves.

Some Internet users, meanwhile, were not impressed, slamming Sabrina for seemingly "cosplaying as the working class." One angry fan wrote, "A billionaire cosplaying as the working class? I'm a fan but i just can't support this."

Another sarcastically added, "I love it when millionaires cosplay as normal people." A third asked, "Why do celebs love to cosplay as min wage workers?"

Someone mentioned Lana Del Rey, saying, "What is with these celebrities doing this lately? Lana Del Rey does it and now they all wanna do it. It's so tiresome. Every time. YOU'RE NOT LIKE US." One other noted, "Literally every pop stars trying to be LDR," with another user saying, "Anything for press."

However, some others gushed over the girlfriend of Barry Keoghan. "Girl is worker overtime," one fan said. One other added, "Cutie."

The barista event aside, Sabrina made headlines over her music video for her song "Please, Please, Please". For the visuals from her second single off her album "Short n' Sweet", she recruited her boyfriend Barry as they acted like Bonnie and Clyde.

The steamy video saw their characters meeting in jail and going on to wreak havoc about the town. While Barry would repeatedly get arrested, Sabrina was there waiting for him each time he got released.

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