Ashley Benson Insists Ozempic Use Rumors 'Discredit' Her Hard Work for Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

After fans speculated her post-baby slim figure was due to Ozempic, the 'Pretty Little Liars' alum shuts down the rumors, emphasizing her commitment to fitness and wellness.

AceShowbiz - Ashley Benson, known for her role in "Pretty Little Liars", has found herself under the scrutiny of social media after sharing a photo that flaunted her toned body just four months post-partum. Fans couldn't believe how quickly the 34-year-old actress had regained her slim figure, leading to speculations that she used the weight-loss drug Ozempic.

"How was she JUST pregnant?!?" and "How you look so good after having a baby girl, tell me," were among the numerous comments her Instagram selfie attracted. However, it was one comment suggesting, "she must be on Ozempic," that compelled Benson to respond.

Ozempic, initially developed for type 2 diabetes patients to improve glycemic control, has become a trendy weight-loss solution in Hollywood, with celebrities like Chelsea Handler admitting to using it, albeit unknowingly. Benson, however, was quick to debunk the rumors, sharing on her Instagram Story, "Comments like this are so funny to me." She added, "I know a lot of people take Ozempic and that's totally fine. To each their own. But don't discredit people who also work very hard to get their body back like I've done with mine."

Benson attributed her weight loss to a rigorous workout regimen, particularly lauding wellness guru Melissa Wood-Tepperberg's fitness app. "Getting back to work forced me to focus on my health and working out and I wanted to feel confident and good about myself," Benson explained. Wood-Tepperberg, known for her holistic approach to fitness, reposted Benson's story and praised her for her dedication.

Ashley Benson's Response to IG Comments

Ashley Benson denied taking Ozempic.

Since welcoming her daughter in February 2023 with husband Brandon Davis, Benson has been open about her journey. She shared intimate moments on social media, from celebrating her first Mother's Day to appreciating Davis on his first Father's Day. "From the moment I was pregnant, you never left my side," she wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post dedicated to Davis.

Benson isn't alone in facing Ozempic rumors. Celebrities like Jesse Plemons have also had to address similar speculations, emphasizing alternative methods like intermittent fasting over the diabetes medication.

Ultimately, Ashley Benson's story resonates with many who strive to reclaim their fitness post-pregnancy. Her message is clear: dedication to one's health and fitness journey should not be overshadowed by baseless assumptions about quick fixes.

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