Jack Whitehall Jokes About Roxy Horner Passing Out During Harry Styles' Performance Due to Diabetes

During a recent stand-up routine in honor of Diabetes Awareness Week, the comedian shares a humorous anecdote about his partner's diabetes diagnosis that she discovered after the Brit Awards in 2021.

AceShowbiz - During a recent stand-up routine in honor of Diabetes Awareness Week, comedian Jack Whitehall opened up about his partner Roxy Horner's diabetes diagnosis. The model and actress revealed in 2021 that she had type 1 diabetes, and Whitehall shared how she discovered her condition during the Brit Awards in 2021.

Whitehall joked that it was "coincidental timing" that Horner had a diabetic hyper and fainted during Harry Styles' performance at the event. He teased that there were "a few raised eyebrows" after she passed out, suggesting she may have simply experienced a "watermelon sugar high."

Recalling the incident, Whitehall explained that Horner had previously warned him about her severe PMS symptoms, which turned out to be an undiagnosed case of diabetes. Bizarrely, it was during his hosting of the Brit Awards at the O2 arena that they discovered her condition.

Whitehall revealed that Horner fainted halfway through Styles' performance, prompting paramedics to attempt resuscitation as her blood sugar levels spiked dangerously. He praised his partner for her resilience in managing her diabetes alongside her role as a mother.

Whitehall also used his platform to raise awareness about diabetes and encouraged audience members with the condition to wave their insulin pens in the air. He emphasized that diabetes management takes time but does not have to prevent people from living full and active lives.

Horner has been candid about her struggles with diabetes, admitting to experiencing yo-yoing glucose levels, nausea when her levels rise too high, and frequent hypos. She now wears an electronic device that monitors her blood glucose levels and alerts her and others when they reach dangerously low levels.

Despite her challenges, Horner remains positive and credits Whitehall as her "rock" throughout the ordeal. He has been supportive and understanding, and she has found strength in his presence.

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