Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista Unfollow Each Other on Instagram Amid Feud Rumors

While their friendship was the epitome of glam and sisterhood in the 1990s, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista can no longer stand the sight of each other following their joint documentary.

AceShowbiz - Naomi Campbell, 54, and Linda Evangelista, 59, were once part of an elite group of supermodels, which included Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Claudia Schiffer, who dominated the fashion scene in the 1990s. Their camaraderie was legendary, characterized by mutual support and loyalty - or so it seemed.

However, rumors started to swirl about a rift between Naomi and Linda. They are no longer following each other on Instagram and reportedly made an effort to avoid each other when attending the same event.

In September 2023 during Vogue World's catwalk event, sharp-eyed fans noticed that Naomi, while tagging Christy and Cindy in a celebratory post, conspicuously left Linda out.

As more scenes unfolded, suspicions grew stronger. At Milan Fashion Week later that month, Naomi and Linda were seated five spots apart at the Fendi spring/summer show. Naomi was cozied up with her close friend Kate Moss and actress Demi Moore, while Linda found herself between model Suki Waterhouse and actress Naomi Watts.

Further fueling the feud flames, Naomi shared her frustrations in an interview with The Standard, though without naming Linda directly. "Insincerity makes me angry, and ungratefulness. Especially when you know you've gone out of your way to really help someone, and they can't say thank you. Not a simple thank you. It's not anger so much as a grand disappointment," Naomi said. When asked if she had someone specific in mind, she confirmed, "Correct."

Looking back, the tension seems all the more shocking given their past closeness. Naomi had previously credited both Linda and Christy for insisting to Dolce & Gabbana: "If you don't use Naomi, you don't use us," a statement reflecting the unity and loyalty among them during the peak of their careers. In 2022, Linda also shared a heartwarming Instagram post celebrating Naomi's birthday, calling her "family."

Even more recently, in 2021, Naomi was one of the loudest voices of support when Linda revealed her painful ordeal with CoolSculpting, a cosmetic procedure that left her "brutally disfigured." Naomi praised Linda, saying, "Elos, I applaud you for your courage and strength to share your experience and not be held hostage by it anymore." The heartfelt message suggested a bond deeper than what most fans were privy to.

Despite their shared memories and history, the current situation is tense. The two last appeared together on the cover of Vogue in August 2023 to promote AppleTV+'s series "The Supermodels", and even then, Naomi reflected nostalgically, "There was a sisterhood there, defined by caring and loyalty."

For now, the public can only speculate about the specifics of their fallout, but one thing is clear: Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista's once-glamorous friendship is now enveloped in a fog of disappointment and silence.

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